17 May 2011

DIY Powder Puff

Powder puff isn't a beauty tool I love most (or include in my foundation routine), however for some people, it's a different case.
Like a powder brush, it is used to apply powder [foundation] products such as loose powder and press powder.

Now... You're probably thinking.... "Why do I need to know how to DIY powder puffs?".

Because, some people [like me] enjoy applying make-up on others OR for any make-up artists who are sitll learning or doing voluntary work,
you don't always have enough money to fork out for powder puffs. So therefore, make yourself some!

They'll be reusable, affordable and on-the-go!

Let's start...

All you'd need is:
- Cotton wool OR cotton pads
- Tissue

Simple as that.

Steps are demonstrated in the pics below:

Place the cotton pads/wool onto piece of tissue like this.

Take corners and edges of the tissue to one point like above and twist end like so, so you can hold it easier!

Dab this into powder and simply use it as a powder puff!

Easy right? Hope you find that helpful my deerest deers! :)

Yours deerest,


  1. Never thought about that, what a cool idea! Thanks for sharing (:

  2. That is such a good idea!! I love it! Loving your blog as always!


  3. Oooh, that's a very clever tip! I shall remember that for the future! :D

    I'm not sure if you read the comment I left after you commented on the post so I'll just comment it here for you :P

    Hehe! Yes, definitely ALOT cheaper than Aus prices, atleast half of Aus prices! :D MAC was along the lines of American prices; maybe a few more dollars. And I forgot how much MUFE was. >.<"

    And there's nothing to be envious of! If you went overseas, you'd do the same thing and stock up on as much as you can! :P

    I hope all has been well. xx


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