29 May 2011

Priceline Haul: Australis

I'm unsure whether this is at all Pricelines, however, today when I dropped down to Priceline... I saw that they were having a clearance sale on Australis for some particular products. I saw mascara. their brush-on foundation, a bunch of eyeliners and lip liners, nail polish removers and also a few bottles of nail polish!

Everything was $3 each! So I quickly picked up two nail polishes and I will be coming back for the eyeliners and lip liners! :D

Australis Nail Colour in Ohh La La and a metallic-blue polish from their 'Paint the Town' line too! :D Only $6! I'm looking at their website now and 'Paint the Town' is suppose to be exclusive to TARGET! Why is it in Priceline? O_O"

Awww! I've been splurging so much money on these sales. I should definitely stop! I've got too much nail polishes. I wonder when I will finish them all =_="!

Yours deerest,

P.S. Check out your local Priceline! ;)


  1. Wow, $3, such a steal! :) I'll check out my local priceline tomorrow. :D Great find, the blue's so pretty ^^

  2. wow! might have to pay my local priceline a visit tomorrow xx

  3. Haha oh no ! It's so hard to walk out of Priceline without something X-D. I try and avoid it !

  4. I like Ohh La La (: I've always loved berry-red shades of polish. Great steal!

    Btw, I've given you an award. (: Congrats!

  5. Nice deal! those polishes are really pretty. =D Great blog, btw. I'm now a follower.


  6. I agree! Essie bottles are the cutest... with the exception of Chanel polishes! HAHA :$ They were cheap too... only $15 for 3 when they're $20+ for just 1 in Myer! HAHA :P

    When I have time I shall swatch it for you, sweetie! HAHA... or you could just Google? There are plenty of swatches of teenage dream out there! :)

    I hope all has been well. xx


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