05 June 2011

Saturday/Sunday Steals #7

I haven't posted about my market hauls in yonks! But here's this week + last week (because I hauled so less last week, I didn't want to do a post)...

Last week I picked up this cute yellow, summery bag for $3 in good condition :)

And the most interesting was the 2 packets of Baby Wipes for $2... :3

Anyhows, this week has been much more interesting. Let's start with these two super duper cheap 2011 diaries for 50 cents each. I know it's a tad too early to start 2011 diaries but I just can't wait!! *sarcasm*

And make-up remover wipes for $1... It definitely looks a bit shifty so I'll see if my sensitive skin can take it :3

And I also picked up Bobbi Brown's Tinted Moisturizer for $3

The table stood Clinque, ZA, Neutrogena items too but I didn't need it because if was all cleansers for oily skin...

I also picked up an INGLOT nail polish for 50 cents with the diaries :)

That's all for today but yesterday at Sydney markets, even though we were late (heaps late), I still managed to pick up quite a few items! The lady added some more used goodies to her "beauty box" (what I call it). Not many people know the "beauty box" because it's always in a corner. But it's the best place to look through since there's SO many bath & body lotions, scrubs, etc.

I grabbed a buncha items for $2. Here they are:

This MAX FACTOR eyeshadow trio was newly sealed and I figured that it would serve as a great cake-eyeliner :) So I shall put it to testings!

A french white polish by MANICARE. I've always been impressed by MANICARE brushes, don't know about their polishes though! Shall check it out sometime since I barely go french!

And these three lovely Rimmel 60 Seconds nail polishes in Orbit, Euphoria and Sonic! They are too lovely for words! I love Sonic best! They aren't full but will last be a while before I can finish :) Definitely worth it

And this unknown pink nail polish! Pretty too!

That's all for this weekend guys! Hope you Aussies and other lovelies had a good week before we go back to school/work tomorrow and you lucky Americans enjoy your upcoming Sundays! :)

Yours deerest,


  1. ahahah silly it is 2011 and we're already half way so better use those diaries quick!

  2. those are great steals! (: I like the unknown pink nail polish color. & the yellow bag was such a good find! I can never find max factor in the US even though it was so popular in the US like 30 years ago! ):

  3. Those are great finds! :D I never seem to be able to find good makeup at the markets here in melb. :(

  4. I love that bag! it's like sunshine in a bag haha

    It'd mean a lot if you stopped by my blog, and maybe follow it?


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