25 June 2011

Saturday/Sunday Steals #8

This was last week's haul from the markets!! I haven't been picking up so many things from the markets on Sunday, so since I'm on holidays.. I might even start going on Friday if Mummaphan has time.

She said they sell alot of cosmetics there and she did pick up a few polishes from La Femme Hot Colours which I assume is supposed to be expired in 2007! But it still works fine... so I don't see any doubt for 50 cents a bottle! :)

Anyhows, on Sunday.. I did manage to pick up a decent and inexpensive pair of ankle boots for $4. Because it's winter, that means the spammage of boots!

And ironically, I did pick up a pair of stripped shorts for $2. Not that I'm gonna be wearing shorts around in Winter! Hahaha :) It's pretty, but it's a size 10... and I can only wear a size 10 when I'm super bloated! :(

And lastly, the items below!

I picked up an Inglot Nail Polish in #851 or if you're classy, 'Nail Enamel' OR even classier... "Vernis a Ongles". Hahaha

Anyways, I picked it up for $1! How cheaaaaaaaap!

And then my mum went around and saw BYS nail polishes and decided to grab hold of a Nail Art Lacquer in her favourite purple colour for $1 and also a BYS Foundation for me.

It's cute when mummy buys me a foundation LOL! She swatches it so it's side-to-side with her skin shade on her hand. LOL And her hand is even darker than my hand, and my face is one million times lighter than my OWN hand! Hahaha! So I'm assuming it's gonna give me a nice "early" tan.

But yes. That's all I got from last week... Wondering what I'm gonna get tomorrow :P!!!


Hope you enjoyed the post! Love you'se and have a wonderful weekend!

Yours deerest,


  1. Love those shoes! So cute! You have great style :)

  2. I love reading about your hauls & great finds. Lol (:

  3. Oh so it was you!! HAHAHA. :$
    Nice to meet you from afar too! Cute blog! Make up is my weakest point, you seem to be good at all these beauty stuff!

    Awww, hope to see you around soon. :D



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