09 June 2011

Gifts & Giveaway Prizes

Good morning Aussies and everyone else! It's currently 11 AM in Sydney here and the sun is shining outside with the coldest breeze! *thumbs down for winter*

So it's already been 9 days into winter and I've been sick up and down so I don't know how I can stand the next so many days! But one thing for sure is I've been loving the great gifts from friends and my lucky butt has won two giveaways in the past fewer weeks!

It's great when you wake up to find a giveaway prize sitting in the mail waiting for you AND then go to school, come back home and find ANOTHER giveaway prize on your doorstep. Hahaha!

Here's what I won from Amanda's giveaway in May! :D I received Katy Perry's mini OPI collection! It's oh very pretty!! And extra goodies too! Lipsticks from Sportsgirl!

And I got from Jen's giveaway these pretty water decal nails! Hahhaha that's pretty epic don't you think? Nail polishes from Amanda and water decals from Jen. All nail products! All I need now is a giveaway win of base coat and top coat.... hehehe but I already have both so that's ok. Hahahaha

It came in a super cute envelope! The first time I glanced at it... I was like.. "WTF Who sent this to me? Since when did I have a penpal?" and then I thought "Ohhhh!! It's Jen's giveaway prize" Hahaha :)

Not sure how to apply them but I definitely will try sometime after my course ends! At the moment, I'm heaps busy with preparing and working on my big big make-up portfolio :(

Now, on to what I've received from my lovely friends as birthday gifts! :)

If you're Chinese, you MUST know Raymond! I love him to bits! So my friend decided to get me his album from Hong Kong when she visited! However, I have to say that his singing skills isn't THAT great. The songs I hear him sing which accompanies his dramas sounds good, but his album is average.. not the best.

And my other gal also got my a new key necklace from Prouds! We all have a 'friendship' necklace, but my cousin has lost mine somewhere (and they got me that last birthday)... *feels bad*

Coming to an end, I have recently received Sigma's F80 brush... so hopefully WILL do a review soon... but I haven't seen anything special about it yet.

Toodles now!

Yours deerest,


  1. I love the nail polishes they are so gorgeus, I love your haul blogs check out my blog im new to blogging and im Australian too it's... TheHunterFashionDiaries

  2. wow you are one lucky girl trammie! always winning giveaways! ahaha and adorable necklace! nawww a key!!!!!

  3. Lucky girl! Looking forward to seeing some cute nail posts from you soon hehe :D The necklace you got is really pretty!


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