18 June 2011

Australis Colour Inject Mineral Lipsticks Review

Yes, I did do a review on the Colour Inject Mineral Lipsticks before, but now I've got more things to add to the review.. so I decide that I will RE-review it!

First of all, this product is bought by ME, not sponsored at all! Even if a product is sponsored, it'll be with honest comments anyways.

Australis' Colour Inject Mineral Lipsticks (CIML) consist of 20 different lip colours you can choose from, including their 2 Limited Edition lip colours. Happy to say that I own three of their lippies: Mambo, Honky Tonk and Limited Edition 1 (printed tag is wrong).

They come in very simple black-and-hot pink packaging with a 'long lasting, moisturizing and nourishing lip colour', Australis claims. "It also contains Kakadu plum which is the world's highest known source of Vitamin C", they also say... so it's 'an inject of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants'.

Let's get started.

The lipstick consist of a creamy texture and most shades from the line has a satin finish rather than shimmery finishes. There are no mattes. And that's exactly why I love it. I love creamy lipsticks so I really never shared love for NYX Round Lipsticks [with a velvety texuture] because I also feel like it's slipping and sliding around on my lips.. not cool.

Is it moisturizing? Yes, it is. In fact, its moisturizing properties is the first thing you'll realize upon the application, however, don't expect it to replace your lip balm. Dry lips still needs to be treated with lip balms.

Is it long-lasting? Yes. It last up till an hour for me until it starts to make my lips feel a tad dry, however the lip colour is still there and will stain my lips until I eat, drink something epic and/or wipe my lips.

Nourishing lip colour? Even though Australis lists 'Vitamin E, UV filters, Peptides, Kaduku plums' as active ingredients, I honestly don't notice anything extraordinary.

So what I love about the lipsticks includes it moisturizing and long-lasting properties. Definitely a lipstick I would recommend to friends and family... especially at its affordable price of $12.95 [with regular sales at Priceline] and not to mention, each lipstick [from the first collection] has a matching lip liner too which is essential if you want your lip colour to stay well primed and even longer-lasting.

I'll provide some lip swatches in the future, but here's a quick swatch on paper for everyone because the lighting is just doing my head in today!

Mambo, Limited Edition 1, Honky Tonk

You see, even though on paper 'Mambo' shows up as a dirty brown, it actually comes on my lips quite nudy-pink like this:

No gloss. I'm loving the finish and the shade itself!!

Jive also looks convincing.. another nude pink but I'll be waiting for the next 3 for 2 sales ;) No rush!

Hope you found the review helpful and have a good day! :) xx


  1. The nude color looks fantastic on your lips! It's like your lips but better :) Love it!!

  2. Awesooome! *__* Really great. Love the pinkish nude on your lips! ♥


  3. Looks awesome on you! Such a pretty pinky nude. (:

  4. Wow I'm suprised that mambo showed up a kinda brown colour, completely opposite to what's on your lips! The packaging is so cute! I like the pink :)


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