13 June 2011

Updates: Finished my make-up assignment! :D

I'm SOOOOOOOO happy everyone! I spent the past 3 days working on my assignment.. putting the practical part together and finishing off the theory part!

I'm SO happy to say that I've finally finished and I just wanna show you guys!

I needed to put together the face sketches and the photos... I haven't finished it YET, because I haven't put it all together. But I will be working on it soon since it'll only takes 5 mins before I'm officially done!!!

Sad to say that tomorrow is the last day at TAFE... Not exactly the last day, the last make-up lesson which isn't even a lesson :(

Anyways.. I never knew how much FUN it was playing with make-up on paper!!! Enjoyed every single second I tell ya! ;)

Glamour make-up!

Bridal make-up [on my sister]!

Fun fun fun! I'll update about the portfolio soon! It's due at 9AM tomorrow... SHARP. Even a minute late, I'll lose marks! So I better keep going! :)

Goodnight sweethearts!


  1. Wow! Those look great! Good job, hun.


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  2. Very nice job!! Awesome! (:


  3. oo i like it :)



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