01 July 2011

Catching up with the galz!

Hello everyone! Holidays has started 3-4 days ago and so far, I've been going out every single day!

Hahahah! On Monday, I went to City to karaoke with acquaintances and then decided that on Wednesday, my close girl group will go for a karaoke session too after visiting our school and eating at a Korean place [Seoulria, I think].

Was feeeling soo sick on the train but everything got much better after food. I think it's because the day before, I only had one meal in the afternoon!! :{

I finished school last year in September and I'm happy to still have these girlfriends around! Though I reckon we should shop more, catch up more often and karaoke more... though Wednesday 3-hours karaoke session was so hectic!

Me feeling sick.... BUT STILL TRYING TO LOOK PRETTY! Teehee!

Getting snuggly! Hehe!

Lmao singing 'Meet Me Halfway'.. if you could see "Moment 4 Life" [by Nicki Minaj] is next on the list HAHAHA!! Challenging myself to sing 'Moment 4 Life'... umm... REALLY?

What was I thinking! *sigh*

My make-up on the day...

Recently, I have been rocking double-eyelid tapes! I love how the eyelids look fake and VERY obvious! It also accentuates my clean eyelining application too hahaha...

That's all for today hunnies! I shall be back tomorrow with a giveaway for Sydney residents so please stay tuned!

Yours deerest,


  1. Haha naww cute! You don't even look sick!!!! The double eyelid thing looks great on you trammie!! I like!!

  2. wow, you still look very good even when you feel sick..i look like zombie when i am sick :D

    it's nic ethat you enjoyed time with your friends, looks like lot of fun you had :))

    and your make up is really pretty, double-eyelid tapes suits you :)

    wish you nice day ^^

  3. 3 hrs?! dengg! I only go for an hour or two at the most! haha

  4. Looked like you had an awesome time karaoking! (: You look so beautiful too!
    Hehe, I wish I had double eyelids. I have one triple & one mono. Which tape brand do you use?

  5. @arsy LMAO Yerrrrrr! :( Thanks Alicey! (L)

    @LaPetiteIchigo LMAO Awww!! I'm sure you look presentable as well! It was fun & Thank you! :D

    @*Korean Name* LMAO Yeah don't know what we were thinking.. 3 whole hours! Hahha!

    @Tiffo Thank you :)~ You can even it outz!! :D I use the $1 ones, I did a post here.. http://the-beautifool.blogspot.com/search/label/Review%3A%20Eyelid%20Tape

    Have a wonderful day lovelies X

  6. Looks like you had a lot of fun! Love your makeup btw

  7. You must to do a tute on double eyelid tapes or glue - I can never master it and it definitely doesn't work with eye shadow over it... so I'm keen to find out what others do to make it work :)

  8. looks like fun! xx


  9. I've never taken part in Karaoke session cuz it's not popular where I live, I envy you!
    Btw, I love the shape of your eyes, so pretty.

    www.neciaaa.blogspot.com - please, check it out ^_^



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