13 July 2011

Saturday/Sunday Steals #9

This haul post is a combination of spare items from last week's and this week's market haul!

These days, I've been spotting and pick up oh SO many nail polishes!

Just yesterday, I picked up 11 Chanel nail polish TESTERS for $28, but while photographing, I have no idea where the remaining 3 took off!

They ARE testers, but they are pretty much the same size of any other nail polishes. I have no idea where the girl got this from..

I also saw this lady who was selling MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus foundations for $25. Apparently, her 'store' closed down so the foundations are all going for cheap.. Weird is that she only have NC20 in stock and it was the 'only' shade left. I checked the packaging, there was a batch code and everything looks authentic, but I didn't take the risk. No money anyways!
My question is.. What store on Earth did she own? A Myers or a David Jones? Is there any other stores which sells MAC cosmetics?
I don't mean to deceive her.. just curious!

And that was all for yesterday.... besides an antenna for $10 which didn't work :'(
*Life of an Asian*

On the other hand, last week, I picked up quite a few things!

I don't remember how much I got these items for but here they are..

Natio's Lipstick in NUDE, Prestige LASHMATRIX Mascara & a used CANMAKE Eye Nuance in #16 Peach Soda

Rimmel Lycra Stronger Base Coat and Rimmel Lycra Wear +10 nail polish in 403 Hypnotise

Sally Hansen Medicated Cream Cuticle Remover and Manicare Cuticle Oil

It's a great bump in a cuticle remover and cuticle oil.. Perfect together and I'm actually running out of them in my kit!! Great buys, I'd say.. LOL!

CoverGirl Continuous Color in 092 Cherry Brandy and 160 Violet Vamp

XOX Polish #62 and Sportsgirl's NAIL IT! Polish in Midnight

I've seen many and many XOX polishes around for $3 but this was at the markets for 50cents so I figured that I'd give it a try and see how it goes! Not expecting too much from it though...

Last, but not least! These buncha small gift boxes for $1! Yey!! :D Great for organizing lipsticks :)

Hope you like the haul. Drop me a comment. Love you'se all!

Yours deerest,


  1. Great haul :)

    Chanel polishes!!! They are great but $25 for one is a lot. You got a great deal!

  2. Wow~ Nice Haul~ Which markets did you go to hun?

    I haven't tried any Chanel polishes but they are raved about so I'm curious =)

  3. Love the Chanel haul!
    I always wanted to try Canmake products :3

  4. you find the best stuff at markets, you're so lucky ^^ love everything :)

  5. Awws so jealous of all your bargains really need to check out some of these markets you visit! Wonder if Paddy's have anything similar

  6. whoa! great haul! those chanel nail polishes look like heaven to me! lol x

  7. Amazing haul!! I ♥ it!

    New follower here. (^__^)



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