07 July 2011

NOTD/Review: Australis Paint the Town Nail Polishes in Bun of Steel

I'm a big Australis and Rimmel fan... for particular products of course.

Personally, I love Australis because they have products that other brands don't and even if they DO, Australis' products are much more affordable.

Take for example: Australis has a finishing spritz which other brands don't have; a translucent finishing powder (Ready Set Go Finishing Powder) which is much more affordable than Revlon's PhotoReady Powder; a primer which came out first before most other brands and most of all... Limited Edition lipsticks! I'm lovin' it! They include whacko shades of lipsticks into their range (orange and purple), name me other brands who has such whack colours too please!

Anyways, I'm not here to today talking about how lovely Australis is and all those crap. I'm gonna review one of their Paint the Town Nail Polishes today, in Bun of Steel.

Australis describes this range of 12 shades as a 'super premium professional base nail colour formula which is easy to use' with its 'one-stroke-wonder-monster-brush for fool-proof application'. Huh? What's 'fool-proof'?!

For your visual information, this is what the brush looks like:

The brush is wider than normal brushes and the tip of quite round which I am assuming because perfect nail cuticles are shaped with rounder edges...
I'm aware that many other brands have been releasing their nail lacquer lines with these giant brushes, promising for a one-perfect-swipe application. But you know what? I hate it!

I reckon I spend MORE time painting my nails with this brush, trying to perfect the one coat! I'm not used to using brushes like this and plus, the polish itself doesn't even give me an even swipe of polish over my nails! What do you mean "even 1 coat provides excellent coverage", Australis?

I personally prefer the normal brushes, so thumbs down from me.

On the other hand, the consistency of this polish is perfect. Nor too runny or too thick, though I do find it a teeny tiny tad streaky when applied -- but forgivable.

Australis also claims that this polish is more chip resistant' .. not really. It chips equally as any other nail polishes I own.

Here's swatches of Buns of Steel which is described as a 'silver blue shimmer'.

I'm not a big fan of metallic nail polishes, specially blue polishes too.

I don't think this polish compliments my skin very well [or vice versa], so boo..

Would I repurchase this for $8.95?
Most likely not unless they are on sale. I actually picked up this polish for $3 because it was on sale! Other shades seems interesting though. But if I think more about it. Face Of Australis also have a range of cheaper metallic polishes so we'll see!

Lastly before I let you go... because I don't like this shade very well, I decided to spice it up a bit by adding [my favourite] zebra patterns to it! *smiles*

This is NOT a sponsored post. Products were bought by ME and this review is of my honest opinion as all other reviews are.

Yours deerest,


  1. hehe the zebra prints look mad! your nails are soooo long giiiirl!

    but yeah 8.95 is a bit pricey :(
    and not worth it

    thanks for the reviewww <3

  2. Hey I actually think that the nail polish looks nice on your nails (even though you may argue that it doesn't complement your skin hehe). Love the zebra pattern :) Thanks for your honest review!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Metallic nail polishes don't really suit me T.T
    You have lovely long nails hun =)

  5. I think it looks great on you! :) Love the zebra print.

  6. I love brushes like that, but only for clear coats. I love that colour.

    I love your blog and I hope you can come and check out mine! I have a giveaway on at the moment where you can win an 88 Metal Mania palette.


  7. aw nice review! That colour is a colour I wouldn't normally buy but you make it look really nice :)!

  8. i have tried one kind of nail wraps recently, it is very good,easily apply and look fantastic. it is the right products for holiday!


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