26 May 2011

Priceline Haul: Australis & Rimmel London

Two nights ago, I visited Priceline and saw tabs sticking face back on some products, so straight away I knew, those discount price tabs are part of the upcoming sale.

Today is the second day of the sale and my sister and I rushed to buy some goodies that I've awaited for a long time now!!

Milton Anti-bacterial tablets... for me to clean my brushes :) and Rimmel London's Colour Show Off Lipstick in TELL NO ONE ($14.95) for my sister because she loves her red/corals!

She also picked up two other Rimmel 60 Seconds Polishes in Tangerine Queen and Steel Matter ($5.95 each) which I've been eyeing for a long time now :) I've heard many raves over the Steel Matter so I'm quite excited! There was a 3 for 2 sale, so yap :)

I've personally picked up two Australis Colour Inject Mineral lippies in Limited Edition 2 which is an orange that I will add to my kit, and also a Honkey Tonk pink. Mmmm! They were both on sale for $10 each lippie and it's an amazing sale because their foundations are going for $12 each.... *whipsers* they just released their Paparazzi HD Foundation!

Also an Australis Nail Colour in Limited Edition 2 which is like a Shrek-green and I'm super excited because I will be grabbing an OPI polish soon in Fiercely Fiona!! Argh!! Can't wait :) They are on sale at S&A in Sydney (a beauty and hair supplier) near Town Hall :).

The $2 Formula 10.0.6 masks are for my sister, last time she tried the orange mask and she had a reaction and I broke out... so nope. Will be trying again though....

I'm super excited to try all these items!!!!!!!!!! They seem so pretty!! :D

Story of the day: Instead of buying the Australis lippie brand new, I grabbed the tester instead LOL! So I will be exchanging it -_-" Oh so dope :(

Yours deerest,


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