16 May 2011

Saturday/Sunday Steals #5

Wow!! It honestly feels like I haven't done this post in YONKS! However, of course, I haven't forgotten... There were days when I bought nothing at the markets AT ALL!!! Nothing nothing! Poo!

However, I have got many things today to share:

One Australian lady sold a bunch of OPI nail polishes for $2 each because she closed her salon which was located in the city recently.. so all polishes gotta go! I checked everything about the authenticity, however the only thing that was missing is the code at the clear base of the bottle. However, there are no codes on the base of the OPI bottles that my cousin bought at her city salon too....

Everything else is here though... correct capitalization; 'peel here' layer, embossed code on the bottle [heading towards the lid]; OPI engraved on one side of the brush; inside of the cap is reared; and correct distribution centre and location!

Most Honorable Red, Flashbulb Fuchsia, You're such a Kabuki Queen, OPI Red, Suzi loves Sydney

She also sold fake MAC eyeshadows, pigments and NYX eyeshadows too. So I wasn't sure about the MAC Eyeshadow, however, it was pigmented. I should've picked one up since they were only $2... but who cares! I wiped out ALL her NYX shadows! These were $2 each and some of them are brand new.

Toffee, Yellow Marigold, Apricot Moose, Mink Brown, Walnut Bronze

I also picked up two plushies on the right because I already have a pig at home LOL! Such a kid...... But yes, all I'm missing now is the chicken and the two farmers from the show hahah.. Two plushies for $1

Pig, cow, horse. LOL
Just thought you'd want to know.

I didn't get much last Saturday but I saw this nail polish which is a really pretty pink hahah... So I asked the lady how much it is and she generously gave it to me FOR FREE!! :D Yay!! Because my mum has shopped at her stall for as much as 10 years now! :) Awesome.

Maybelline mini Colorama in Bubblicious

From the same lady, this week I've got...

Napoleon Lip Lacquer in Mocha Mist

It is most likely not new, but I can't figure how someone can contaminate a lip tube like this... so I picked it up anyways :P

... and these cute fruity-beauty body lotions which comes in 5 super adorable colours and scents! So pretty! :)

I got the two items above for $1.

Last, but not least... I got this MAC Sheertone Blush in Pink Swoon. It's authenticity is yet to be decided as I cannot research anything about it! If you know, please do let me know... about the barcode, label, packaging, batch code and all that stuff!

I bought this for $6 and Mummaphan tried to hassle the price down, but the lady said "I can't sorry. I bought this blush from the shop for quite a high price. I don't remember though..."

So I thought I'd pick it up and bring it home to do some research!! :D

That's all for the previous two weekends and I hope you enjoyed the post! To top it off, I finally received a free MAYBELLINE Baby lip balm as a sample ^-^ Yay!!

Have a goodnight everyone..


  1. Wow such good buys! I'm jealous! The OPI in particular, $2? Lucky you!


  2. Ooh, which market was this? I'd like to pay it a visit! lol

  3. omgsh you always find the best deals lovely ! $2 opi, you really can't beat that. TAKE ME WITH YOU NEXT TIME :'(


  4. NYX shadows look gorg! Wow you got some good deals!

  5. Wow! You got seriously lucky and got some amazing deals!! Those OPIs especially, lucky girl!

  6. OMG you go shopping at the markets so often and get SOOO many bargains! Now i HAVE to go, you lucky girl!!!!!


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