19 May 2011

The Lipstick Tag (by Jenn)

I was tagged by Jenn so long ago, however, I'm so sorry [Jenn] that I actually forgot, but I do remind myself a few times!! :D

Anyways, here it is!

When you were a child, did you use your mother's lipsticks?
Believe it or not.. NOPE. Not for my lips anyways! HAHA My sister & I used them to draw on the mirror around the house though... hahaha. However, during special occasions such as weddings, I do ask if I could put make-up on for me! She only put a teeny tiny bit of lipstick on for me, and that's all... ^^

How old were you when you bought your first lipstick?
Back in the days when I watched Bubzbeauty and nude lipstick and smokey eyes was trending. I went to Priceline to search for a nude lipstick and the lady introduced me to Australis Color Inject Lipstick in Mambo... This was about... 2-3 years back :) I was 15-16.

Pink or red lipstick?
Definitely pink! I love nude pinks, but haven't found one which compliment my skin tone! I don't like my lip shape so I don't strive to highlight it with an outstanding coloured lipstick :(

The most expensive lipstick I have ever bought...
My Revlon MATTE Lipstick in Nude Attitude... I think it was $22. Which is absolutely DISGUSTINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! I haven't tried to apply it in a while, I should see how it works again though :)

And the cheapest?
LOL.... Um. NYX Lipstick in Helio for $1 at the markets? LOL

What's the most bizarre thing you have done with a lipstick?
I swiped a layer of it on and kissed my friend's birthday card hahah! A nice lipstick print and I always like to do the same thing on my neighbours' glass mirror :3

If you had to recommend a lipstick, which brand would you recommend and why?
I'd recommend... This is tough!! I love the Maybelline ColorSensational, but I also loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the Australis Mineral range!!

Sorry Australis! But as much as I love your lipsticks, Maybelline's ColorSensational range has my vote, because the formula is as great and there's heaps and heaps of shades/colours to choose from, so all skin-tones and preferences has a shade to suit!

NOW! Tagging time! I would LOVE to see these bloggers' response:
  • Ailing! I would really love to know your recommendations and your lipstick stash!
  • You too Alice!! :)
  • Not forgetting you Vivz -- would love to see your collection because I'm interested in seeing any of your gyaru lip colours!! :D (lol)
  • Angela -- I know this might be random but I'd like to get to know you more! I'm sure your readers would like to know too hehehhe :]
Anyone else can do it too!! I have tried to follow all my readers, however, if I do miss anyone, please leave me the link to your blog! And I will give it a visit because I do enjoy reading blogs!! :D

However, tagged bloggers above, if you have too much on hands, do not worry about this tag! It's suppose to be fun and a get-to-know-me-more post! Don't stress!

Have a lovely day everyone!

Yours deerest,


  1. trammy! i love the new layout!! :) good job!

  2. Awesome layout! Especially the banner ^^ looking cutecute
    I like nude lipsticks as well :)


  3. I wish we had the Australis ones here they sound lovely!

  4. $22 for the Revlon lipstick?! OMGosh.. you paid too much. =( I don't really like any of their matte lipsticks.

  5. $22 for the Revlon lipstick?! OMGosh.. you paid too much. =( I don't really like any of their matte lipsticks.

  6. Great read :D That's crazy how you paid $22 for a Revlon lipstick though!


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