12 April 2011

Rambles: Brands Repackaging (Napoleon Perdis)

For anyone who haven't heard of brands who repackages from a particular wholesale manufacture, let me introduce to you.

There are many manufacturers around who offers 'private labelling' for companies which means these companies can repackaging the products they manufacture into their own packaging. They can rename, repackage and/or relabel all they want!

So, I know I promised you a while ago that I'd post about BRAND dupes.

This post won't exactly be talking about brand dupes, sorry everyone! But it's something along the lines. Maybe I should say... 'ramblings but yet not to be proven'.

This is definitely from what I've heard, please note.

So for a long time, I've researched quite a lot about Napoleon Perdis....

From many sites, I've found out that the brand actually repackages from other brands! Shocking?

Even though I was convinced, I wasn't SURE until my teacher said that she used to work for a make-up manufacture and came across brand repackaging where two products were laid out and one printed 'Napoleon Perdis' and the other printed another brand (she didn't spill which brand).

I don't know whether I should call this 'repackaging' or maybe in a nicer way, brands share the same cosmetics' manufacturers.

Ok well.. they SAY...
  • NP repackages Sparkle Dusts from La Femme, a small US brand. Click here for info.
  • NP repackages from Masquerade

I'm not EXACTLY sure about Masquerade, however the company itself DOES offer 'private labels'... So.. yes... *suss*

I do suggest that you do some research on NP eye make-up products before you make a purchase because they are quite expensive and you never know that they're getting ripped off as that sparkle dust you bought is only worth $3-$5 from La Femme.

Boo!! Lucky I am not a fan of NP!

That is all, hope you enjoyed the post!

Yours deerest,


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