20 April 2011

Saturday/Sunday Steals #5 + Haul

On Sunday, I was thinking... "I'll post tomorrow..." and that thought stood till now. In fact, today is Wednesday and I'm still feeling quite lazy to post this up LOL!!!!

I've been busy with packing my house to move down the road because people are gonna demolish our house and build it up!

Not at our expenses, it's the landlord's idea... Poo!

I love the tree in front of my house which grows these sweet fruits that everyone love! We've been through approx 10 summers together. Think about it. How many Summers can you actually exist in this world for?! I'm thinking that's like.. a quarter of my life!! Poo.....!

Anyways, this is what I've got on Sunday. Very less. In fact, I only spent $2.50 LOL... for 2 items.

This cute SASA Pink Bow Hairtie for 50 cents!!
More accessories to decorate my hair buns!

And also this cute couple kissing necklace for $2!! Yey!!

It was a gloomy morning so not much sellers set out to sell, therefore we finished the market in 30 minutes.. I wished there were more people! My house is soon gonna turn out to be a accessories/cosmetic dump LOL

On another note, here is what I've recently hauled, most haircare items:

Herbal Essence Long-term Relationship Intensive Split End Protector Mask (red jar) $5.99
I was sent two samples for this product and I know I MUST get it! It is comparable to HALF of my SO (Salon Only) SOS Split End Protector! Why? Because SO also controlled my frizz at the same time, whereas this product only helped my split ends... I still LOVE!

Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturising Cream $12 (SALE price)
Contains a cooling menthol which feels cooling on your skin (obviously!) and also smells minty... I think. I can never know what smell smells like what! But it's a pleasant smell! I will review soon!

Herbal Essence None of Your Frizzness Serum $9.99
This product makes up the other half of my Salon Only Split End Protector.. for this moment. I'm stll trialing it out so no comments yet, but this is definitely an on-the-go product! It does control my frizz and make my hair feel more sleek and also adds a nice slight shine. It DOES make my hair look healthy, but not greasy! Yay! Review soon too :) Remind me if you like any of these reviews okay? I always forget LOL

Herbal Essence None of Your Frizzness Shampoo $6.99
Ok. The first time I used this, last night, my hair came out less frizzy so I think this product DOES need a few more times of usage. I LOVE Herbal Essence packing for their NEW collections!! It comes in different colours with different products/serums targetted to different hair types and styles! Check it out HERE.

That's all!! I'll do a post for you soon on how to contour your face!!

Have a goodnight everyone! :)


  1. What are your thoughts on the split end protector mask? I've been looking for something to help my dead hair. D:

  2. If you have lotsa split ends! That's the product to get!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it :D Too bad it doesn't control frizz. So I have to buy another product to control my frizz...
    not like it claims to anyways :P x

  3. That hairbow & necklace is so cute!! Where did you buy them? on sasa.com?

    The split end protector looks useful in protecting my billions of split ends~ ><

  4. @GABY The product is okay :) I think it does good for moisturizing!

    @mimi This is part of my Saturday/Sunday steals post! :D I go to the markets and these are the cheapies I've picked up for a low price.


  5. omg the bow is soo adorable <3 and so is the necklace (: so cutee

  6. Such a cute necklace !

    Btw, I'm your newest follower, visit me and follow if you like http://liveworkplayfashionbynaomi.blogspot.com/

    xoxo Naomi


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