30 April 2011

Review: Aveeno Moisturizing Cream

Who doesn't have dry skin? Not me. Everyone certainly must have dry skin at some point in their life, whether it's on your body or face. Lately, for me, my body has been heaps dry and as much as I LOVE the Bath & Body Works Body Lotions, they're just not moisturizing enough so I set seek for a cream which will keep my skin moisturized without having to apply every single day...

I'm one. Lazy. Bumhole. Hehehe.

So I picked up this jar of moisturizing cream by Aveeno. It's a creamy colour jar with a navy blue top, quite simple, however, what attracted me to this product was
its price of $12.95 (approx) as it was on SALE (so Asian!) and also the packaging stated so many damn claims and good stuff that it's not funny.

It states that:
- It's dermatologist tested
- Clinically proven to heal cracked and dry skin
- Has a cooling menthol

Dermatologist tested? I do not know.
Has a cooling menthol? I can't feel it on my body.
Heals cracked and dry skin? Yup

I really can't feel anything with this on my skin. It just feels normal. Nothing special or bad, really. However, on my face it feels very heavy with
with a cooling sensation, so if you're looking for a cream which you can use on both face and body, this is definitely not the product.
I recommend QV cream which comes in a jar and a squeeze tube <-- godly product I must say.

Anyways, today's spotlight is on Aveeno's moisturizing cream, so let's forget QV for the time being...

The cream definitely heals cracked and dry skin as stated. My arms were actually very dry lately.. probably because I've been showering in the hottest water since it's
Winter and it's so damn cold and wet here in Sydney. Poo!
I apply this cream to my body after showering and then let it absorb for a few mintues. Using this cream has gave me a quick result of moisturized skin and not to mention
I only use this every second day because I do get lazy... so yap!

I find the lotions (besides Nivea) to be too watery and texture so I don't like it since it didn't do jack for my skin! Waste of money.

Anyways, I'm not saying this is the BEST moisturizing but it certainly does fit in one of the BEST. It's easy to blend, does its moisturizing job, has a pleasant scent, heals cracked and
dry skin, affordable for its size and available locally at Priceline (or other pharmacies). The only thing I don't like about it is that it feels to heavy on my face
and it's in a jar packaging so you better get your hands and fingers cleaned before dipping it in and out of the jar... for any of you hygiene freaks of course. Personally,
I try to keep my fingers as clean as possible (therefore only apply after shower), but if I had to use it on-the-go then I don't care because it's going on my body anyways,
not my face.

Ok, so for the lazy gals who will scroll down here to see the PROs and CONs and/or the gals who will get up to this overall section after patiently reading, here it is:

  • Affordable
  • Easy to blend
  • Moisturizes heavily
  • Large size tub
  • Pleasant scent (personal)
  • Available locally
  • Cooling sensation [on face and/or body]
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Came sealed inside packaging

  • Not suitable for face as it feels very heavy
  • Large size tub can also be a con
  • Jarred-packaging, therefore is not sanitary

Yes. Take my word for it. I recommend this product and I hope you find this post helpful!

Yours deerest,


  1. Never heard of a this brand tho.
    And never heard of a cream with menthol mint feeling?
    I have dry spots aswell and I use Vaseline :)


  2. I like Aveeno for being moisturizing while being gentle on the skin. Nice review. :P

  3. I LOVVVE this! I use the intense relief one :) Have you tried it? Either way, this jar will last you :)

  4. Sounds lovely, but not a fan of creams in jars.

  5. Gahh I've been super dry recently even though its getting pretty hot over here. :( Especially my face has been dealing with a few dry patches. Maybe I'll give this a go! I love products that give you that minty/cooling sensation. (:

  6. cream + jar = nono for me, but i like aveeno. i do find it a tad heavy, but it's perfect for winter seasons =] lovely blog!! <3


  7. it's one of those creams stuffs that are gentle on the skin while moisturizing it.

  8. My hand used to be rough because of dryness, but now when I tried using Aveeno moisturizing cream.
    ~Pauline @ Aveeno Philippines


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