17 April 2011

Review: Revlon PhotoReady Foundation (dry skin)

EDIT: DON'T THINK I MENTIONED THIS BUT... This foundation is BEST applied with a foundation brush than a stippling brush... (dry skin).

We all know Revlon's Colorstay Foundation tops all drugstore foundation in ALL dimensions. This includes the quality, long-lasting formula and many different aspects such as the chemicalized (if thats even a word) scent, price and hatred for being born without a dispenser/pump. Hahaha.

Anyways, there has been quite a lot of different reviews revolving around Revlon's PhotoReady Foundation and this is just another tiny review which won't make a difference... or will it?

Now.. I've picked up this foundation in Golden Beige 008 at CosmoCosmetics for $25. I believe in store, it is $35-$37, not entirely sure.

Revlon PhotoReady Foundation

  • Delivers soft, luminous airbrushed finish in any light
  • Photochromatic pigments bend, reflect and diffuse light to erase every flaw
  • Complete yet undetectable coverage
  • Oil free, Fragrance Free
  • SPF 20
  • Can be used alone or in combination with either the PhotoReady Powder OR PhotoReady Translucent Finisher
RRP: $35-$37


The Revlon PhotoReady Foundation comes in 8 shades -- not as many as Revlon's Colostay.
008 Golden Beige shares a yellow undertone which is suitable for my asian skin, however, it's a little bit light for me! For reference, I match an NC25 and I can also match a NC37 for MAC SFF.

Comes in a round bottle with a perfect pump/dispenser and a black cap. Love the packaging! On the bottom of the bottle, there's a sticker which lists all the ingredients. It's quite handy since there's a cap, if you're travelling, it won't self-squirt everywhere. Keep in mind, if you're travelling, it'll be a pain in the ass if you lose or break the cap.
Bottle is made of glass and cap is made of plastic --- so be careful not to drop it.

This foundation provides medium-full coverage. However, I don't recommend to build it up to a higher intensity because it can get cakey.

Lasting power
Depending on which skin type you have, this foundation's lasting power will vary. On days that I apply this with a stippling brush are also the days where my skin flakes, it tends to stay on less than 6 hours before it starts fading and all.
I definitely think that using a foundation brush for this foundation is SO much better than stippling and swirling the product on.. that way, it can last up to a good 11 hours [for me].

I think this foundation is OK on the days my skin is nicely moisturized, however, when my skin is disugstingly flakey, I'll stay away from this. There's heaps of shimmers in this foundation which I find it become MORE visible when using a stippling brush, so therefore, I believe in using a foundation brush so it doesn't pack all that shimmer on.
This also contains SPF 20 which is a boo-hoo for flash photography...
For my dry skin, it can get a little flaky or 'scaly' on a bad day.

No flash (no powder)

With flash (no powder)

This is my scarring area and you see, it doesn't flake without foundation.
However, in the photo, it gathers into little balls of flakes LOL.

Would I repurchase? Nope, too expensive and limited color range. I can't match a shade.

Overall for you people who are lazy to read LOL (like me!):

  • Medium - full coverage
  • Lookin' good in all lightings
  • Photogenic skin
  • Average suitability for dry skin without flakes
  • Sanitary pump (!)
  • Available in both pink and yellow shades
  • A good 10 hours of lasting power [for me & depending on how you apply it]
  • Available all stores
  • Easy to blend
  • Oil-free
  • Fragrance-free

  • For flaky skin, avoid!
  • Bad skin days for dry skin can result in scaly skin so make sure you moisturize & exfoliate properly
  • Price $$
  • Shimmers which can be obvious when up-close (face-to-face)
  • Available in only 8 shades!! Boo for those with darkest and lightest skin tones! :(
  • Glass bottle
  • A slight sticky feel if you don't powder
  • Can get cakey if too much product are applied

My advice: For the price, you can fork out another $10-$15 for a MAC foundation or a high-end brand which gives you a wider shade selection AND a variety of products to choose from. However, if you're on a budget with only $35, I suggest you go for the Revlon ColorStays as it has more shades to pick and ranges to target all skin types.

Hope that helps you :)

Yours deerest,


  1. I seriously wish I could have read your review on it before I bought it! I had the same experience with it and because my cheeks seem to always be dry, it just sits in the corner getting covered in dust :( I feel like I've wasted money that I could've spent on a better foundation >< Xx

  2. Great review! :) I love this foundation when it first came out, and I still love it. It works great on me and I didn't experience any dryness, but I don't leave it on for long and that could be why.

  3. I tried this when it first came out because of all the hype it got on YouTube! Unfortunately, it wasn't suited to me. The shimmer was ridiculous to me! I don't know anyone who wants shimmer all over their face. :/

    Great review!

  4. Great review :) I was actually expecting it to be great, especially seeing as it's so expensive. >< But I guess not. I have that problem too; my foundation tends to cake up and flake around my acne scars, so I need to have to something really moisturizing despite having oily skin D:

  5. In your opinion, what is the BEST foundation? I am on the lookout for something that gives medium coverage but still allows my skin to "breathe".

  6. @Priscilla Ngaww !! Well.. lesson learnt! I always do my research before buying but sometimes.. things just don't work out. Lol i was tempted for this because there was so many controversies!

    @Rainy D&L Thank you! I'm glad it has worked for you :) This foundation wasn't exactly drying but it did look a lil cakey, scaly and those little balls of flakes... LOL But my skin was still feeling good :D

    @Vintage Yap :( Still looking for something that's nice for dry skin! I'm currently eyeing MAC Studio Tech! :3

    @Angela Ngaw maybe you should do a review toooo!! So people would have another point of view :) Thanks hun

    @Michelle Thank you!! Yerr I suggest you stay away from this!! Oily skin is so much better to manage in my opinion :)

    @glitteryeyesxx I haven't found a foundation which suits my skin yet. But this one does give a medium coverage whilst allowing my skin to breathe. What annoys me is the tiny flakes and shimmers you could see when up close.. Poo! :(


  7. @deerest haha every review I read/watched said that it was good so I didn't think I could go wrong :/ I'm gonna ask your opinion before I next get something!! haha Xx

  8. My skin is extremely dry as well, but I'm using the colorstay foundation, which I'm quite happy about. Although, you need to moister your face properly, only then I'll look good with a stippling brush. Maybe you can try that one? ^_^


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