30 March 2012

April's 30 Days Of Beauty Instagram Challenge

Have you heard?

Inspired by Chantelle's photoaday challenge, Jaime of MissChew.com will be hosting an Instagram challenge for next month, but will be ALL about BEAUTY!


Image from MissChew

To be honest, I didn't know what the #photoaday challenge on Twitter was about. Was wondering why everyone was posting a daily photo of themselves (lol). It's not too late though!

Glad I found out about this Beauty Instagram Challenge! Perfect excuse for me to snap a few self-shots!

Looking forward to see everyone else's photos a day!

Will you be participating?

See you all on Twitter!

By the way, I'll just be TwitPic-ing!


  1. I always find that I can't stick to these photo a day challenges! I forget :( xx

  2. This sounds like a fun challenge! I can never stick to things long term though - I'd probably forget to do it a few days in haha :P

  3. What's the holy grail beauty thing


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