06 March 2012

BYS Nail Enamel in Pretty As A Peach Review

Sorry my international readers! I know I've been blogging about Aussie brands so much, but let me just end the line of Aussie post by showing you my Nails of Tues-Day, or NOTD #heh

BYS (Be Yourself) is an Australian-based brand which I've tried in the past, but have never really been impressed with their products. My first product was their eyeliner which was great for achieving the raccoon-eyes look, although it was cheap and pigmented.

And despite how gorgeous, pretty and springy today's polish is... I am still not impressed!

Pretty As A Peach is a beautiful peachy-orange colour which in some lighting, may look a tad pinker. Reminds me of my Sportsgirl's Pout About It Lipstick in Fruity Tingle, actually.

The shade looks super bright on my dark hands, however, I still love how cheery it is!

I'm not happy with the formula though. It's streaky, sheer and applied quite uneven. I actually struggled to work with this one...

Maybe it's the formula, maybe this polish was just a bad one.

Have you tried any polishes by BYS?

I've seen swatches from many beauty bloggers and they look fine!
Maybe this one is just a bad one?

Disclaimer: Product was bought by me.


  1. I loved this stuff when I was a teenager... I may have to venture into gloss for the first time in a long time :)

    Whats in my purse! http://superficialsydney.blogspot.com.au/

  2. I have a couple as everytime I go to the Reject Shop, they have a wall of them by the counter and for $1-2, I keep thinking that the next one I buy would be better; but they never are. Mine are mostly sheer.

    Lately I have been buying Nailpolishes like crazy, and then Ozsale had Essie nailpolishes for $5 each so I bought heaps from there.

    I really want to try BYS foundation even though the packaging is crap, I'm always on the look for a "filler" foundation incase I run out unexpectidly and have nothing to wear for a day or two.


    1. Really?! I think these retai for 4.95 at GLOSS stores! Ahh, doesn't sound too great for you..

      Ozsale was also having China Glaze up for $6-8 too! Nice catch on the Essies!! ^_^

      I have a BYS foundation, but I don't really want to trust it! I'm so afraid that it will make my skin react badly! I hope you'll find a cheap filler foundation!! :)

  3. oh lovely color, perfect for spring ^^ i am not sure if tehy are even selled at us, i never saw them in stores.
    anyway, wish you nice day ^^

  4. hmm that really is a pretty colour, it's something I'd instantly grab but I can see exactly what you mean. You can tell it's streaky.. something I hate the most in nail polish. booo

  5. I'm actually a avid fan of BYS products. As a HSC student, I don't really have to time to work, and therefore I consequently don't have a lot of freedom regarding any purchases. Especially makeup. I usually treat the BYS products as my 'desperate in between', but lately I've found the quality to have vastly improved. I use the creme foundation alongside their loose powder and blush for day to day wear, and my only complaint is the longevity of the product. I apply my makeup products at least twice a day though given I have a habit of touching my face during school hours, so the BYS products are still substantially fair in comparison to other brands.

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