28 March 2012

Glossybox Australia: March's Edition

So I paid for this month's Glossybox after purchasing a box from them last month when there was a 50% off sale on GroupOn. I really couldn't afford $14.95 a month on box subscriptions so it wasn't my intention to become a subscriber.

I didn't know that if I'd purchase a GroupOn box, that means I'd be a subscriber until I want to cancel! I thought it was a one-time thing.. I personally thought it was pretty unclear.

On the brighter side, I get to show you what's in this month's box!

I love these sturdy boxes they arrive in!

First of all, there are 18 products for this month, but your box will only contain 5 of the randomly chosen. I personally find this to be unfair for subscribers as some will get a box with higher value or products that another subscriber will find more useful and helpful. I personally think that if there's a list of different products, then subscribers should be allowed to choose OR the products should be carefully picked to cater to the subscribers' individual needs such as their skin types or conditions.

I've reviewed last month's box which was also very similar. I saw that some subbies received a total different box, so the trend probably start last month.

Anyways, for this month's box, I received:

SILK Oil Of Morocco Hair and Skin Treatment Serum
Not sure how I feel about this 'dry oil' on hair and skin. The thought of using a hair product for skin and a skin product for hair kinda irks me. Oh the goosebumps.

Kosmea Hydrating Rosewater Mist
Yay for a rosewater spritz! Rosewater as a toner is great for dry skin, so that's a yay!

Avene Gentle Milk Cleanser
Milk cleansers are generally great for all skin types so I'm actually looking forward to try out this milk cleanser. I've never tried any products from this brand (that I've heard lots about!).

Absolutely Gorgeous Macadamia Face Cream
A 'cream' product, yay! Another product for dry skin types..

SheerCover Lipgloss
I've heard bad reviews about this when it came in a MyGlam bag, so I'm not sure.

Glossybox Balance Bracelet
Errr... not useful to me and I don't believe in this stuff, so nop!

Vouchers for Absolutely Gorgeous ($10 off), Kosmea (GWP) and Zanui ($10 gift card for purchase over $50), that I will most likely not use..

Not sure about the value of products in this month's box, because there were no retail prices on the card. The skincare products are suitable for my dry skin, so that's awesome. The lip gloss is okay, let's not be so biased on the brand. The bracelet is useless for me, not going to be using it!
Lastly, one thing I've mentioned earlier in this post.. I don't like how everyone's boxes are different although it could be exciting for some.

Your thoughts?

Glossybox subscriptions are $14.95 per month with a box, visit their official site for more information.

Disclaimer: Product was purchased by me.


  1. the milk cleanser is #7 on the card but it's not really clear hey...cos theres different products u can get under the "eau thermale avene" like a toner, cleanser, moisturising lotion etc

    but you got stuff that's relative to your dry skin, so that's good! :)

    1. Whatt! Thanks Tezz for letting me know :) I've fixed it!! ^_^

  2. haha we got EXACTLY the same items...don't you think the cleanser smelt like sunscreen? also it was a bit too thick for my liking :P It's good you like the skin care products though. I was quite excited about the Moroccan oil but it turned out to be ok. How did you find it on your hair (if you've tried it yet)?

    1. Ah! Really? Haven't tried any yet! Looking forward to it though! Have you tried that Morocco Oil on your skin? O_O

  3. We got totally different boxes and I'm not sure if I'd prefer mine or yours lol they're both a bit drab for me. In fact when Tezza did her post I had a sneak peek at the full list and nothing on there really jumped at me at all so that was disappointing. Suffice it to say I won't be continuing my subscription!

  4. Check out my Feburary box on my blog. It came with the Sheercover lipgloss and it was very disgusting.

    My box was pretty pathetic.

  5. same thing thats how i started my subscription! i've unsub since i got march.

    1. I think it should've been disclosed in a clearer way! Irk.. I DID read through the info on GroupOn. I thought it was just a description of what the company offers. Didn't know my subscription wouldve started! Lucky this month's box wasn't bad for me! x

  6. My box was completely different, and I was really impressed with mine! The Silk Oil of Morocco Hair and Skin treatment looks like it would be worth a try! xx

  7. I have dry skin too so your box would've been so much better for me! I'm pretty jealous that you did NOT get a ProActiv product, hehe.

    1. I'm jelous as well. GB knew that I was allergic to Salicyclic Acid and it's the second time they have sent it to me.

    2. Yes! I was pretty happy that I didn't get any ProActiv products haha >_< Sorry to hear that Jaci! :(

  8. I wish that they had a subscription box like this in Malaysia. :(

    I tagged you in a 11 Things About Me tag.

  9. You got some really great products. Avene is a really good brand, I've loved what I've tried from them.

    yeah.. don't know if I'd be into the bracelet either tbh.


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