12 October 2013

Think Pink! -- Savvy By DB Blusher in Silky Pink

FINALLY a blushers post! And I mean... Finally a blushers post for this Think Pink! project AND for my blog. I really can't remember the last time I've reviewed a blusher.

This blusher, Savvy by DB's Blusher in Silky Pink, I've had it in my collection for a while now. I've hoarded it home from Priceline's 40% OFF sale which happened a while ago, so if I could remember correctly... this costed a mere $3.

I also really wanted their Baked Blushers, but they were a tad more expensive (I was on a budget then okay?!?!), so I've settled with this instead.

Their classic blushers are packaged in a simple plastic packaging. It feels sturdy enough to last, but also feels like one drop is enough to break. It has a see-through cover, which ultimately calls for easier navigation in your stash of ten thousand blushers. Ha!

The blusher itself, is decently pigmented. You won't find yourself needing to sit and swirl your brush forever, a slight second of a swirl is enough! You also won't find any fall outs, so don't fret!

My main concern with this blusher is its long-lasting power. It lasts for a fair amount of time.. 4-5 hours before I saw the colour fading on me. There's still that little bit of colour, but it just didn't look as vibrant as how I've applied it at first.

The colour, I don't mind it. It's a cute, medium warm-toned rose-pink with a luminous sheen. When swatched, the sheen stands to be very visible, but when applied, you can barely see it. I wished that the sheen stood to be as visible as it does when swatched, but this isn't much of a problem since I could easily top it off with my kick-ass The Balm Mary-Louminizer! Omgggaaah, I need to post about that soon, please stay tuned!

But anyways, overall, it's surely a nice blush to have in the stash. Pretty affordable, and good in quality, so I don't see what's the problem! Also great if you're just starting out with make-up. You can easily find SAvvy By DB's range at Priceline ^~^

Do YOU own any Savvy By DB products?

I just remembered that I also have a few lipsticks from the brand.. Still need to get down to photographing them, so I can go ahead and trial! Sighhhh!


  1. Savvy are great for when it's not yet payday, but you need a pick me up :) Everything's so affordable!

  2. The baked blushes are so pigmented! I have the shade in 'Coral Something' and I swear you just need to ever so slightly tap the brush onto the blush for maxiumn colour! YOU HAVE TO TRY THE BAKED BLUSHES OUT! :D The Savvy matte lippie range are also fantastic!

    1. Oh nooooooooooooooooooo! I've always wanted to try their baked blushers! Now I'm feeling really pumped for Savvy's range... @_@ Their matte lippies... Oh nooo! Look what you've done to me!

  3. This seems like a lovely wearable shade, a pretty pink. I too love blushes :)

  4. Loved this post!. I've been reading them for ages and i'm a huge fan. I've recently started my own beauty blog and would love if you could check it out x http://makeupmonster77.blogspot.com.au/

  5. I have a few Savvy by DB products and they are pretty good - I used to love their eyebrow pencil and then it got discontinued (I was heartbroken!). This blush is gorgeous! x

    Ms Jelena xx | http://ms-jelena.blogspot.com

  6. I've actually never tried and Savvy by DB items! I always see them in Priceline and have been tempted to get a few items but never have!

  7. This looks nice and simple, pretty and cheap. Not bad, not bad at all :)

  8. I just love Savvy make up new follower from me follow back? http://maybemayhemmakeup.blogspot.com.au/


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