04 October 2013

Think Pink! -- Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub

I know we've moved into Spring from Winter now, but lips exfoliation should never be underlooked!

Flaky lips are never nice, so lip scrubs should be a lip care staple for all. This is the one and only lip scrub that I have and I urgeeeeeeee everyone to consider this little jar of sweet... I mean, lip scrub.

I've never been keen on this lip scrub by Lush.... The idea of licking off the sugar after you're finished with scrubbing the lips just seems... gross to me.

So for the first few times when I've used this, I actually washed it off. That worked okay too, but a few more times of using this... The scent... was just truly too hard to resist. It smells absolutely amazingggggggggg so I thought I'd just give the licking method a try... Then after that, I just never bothered to go back to washing it off.

Licking the sugar off was just simply the easier way out... and also the tastier way :P

For those of you who also feel the same as I once did about this product, I'd suggest you still give it a go! The scent will slowly lure you in, so you should get over it eventually @_@.... I think!

For the price, you get a quite a fair bit of yummy bubblegum-flavoured sugar which should last you a fairrrrr while, or maybe enough times until it expires if you only remember to exfoliate once a week... like me =_=!
Yes, as with most Lush products, being made of natural ingredients, these lip scrubs also have an expiry date which can be found on the bottom of the glass jar packaging.

I think the only problem that I have with this is the scent and flavour it has. It's just so yummy and amazing that makes me go coo-coo sometimes. You know.. sneakily scoop out a too much to use and make it look like an accident. Yeap, that's sneaky Tram for ya!

I think only those who own these lip scrubs would know what I'm talking about... Hahaha.

Have you tried Lush's Lip Scrubs before?
Which is your favourite flavour?

I also have the same lip scrub in 'Mint Julips' and I loveeeeeeeeee everything minty, so I can't wait to try it! Hopefully I'll get through both jars before they go off though... Boo!

LUSH Lip Scrub, $9.95, 25g, available at LUSH stores.

Disclaimer: This product was provided for review consideration only. All opinions within this post are of my own and remains to be unbiased and uninfluenced.


  1. I've always wanted to try this! But yea... can't get over the idea of swallowing your own dead lip skin.
    I'm not sure which flavour I should get.

  2. I haven't tried any of Lush's lip scrubs but I saw the UK holiday products and they're coming out with a cola flavoured one with cherry and date extracts, I hope we get that here in Australia!

  3. I have only used Mint Julips... I think I'm up to my third one??? Heehee. I don't like licking mine off though lol.
    xxx Kat

  4. Ive always used a bit of sugar and honey to make my own diy lip scrub and it works a treat minus the price! This looks very scrumptious though!

  5. I had a sample once, and goodness it was totes delish!
    Keep going with the Think Pink project!!

  6. Hi Tram, I have never tried Lush products before but this sounds great!!
    I'm new to the blogging world, please check out my blog :)

  7. I've been looking into this, always have a look at it whenever I pass a Lush haha! But I feel like I'll get the same results with olive oil & sugar anyway! But if I do, I'll definitely get the bubblegum! Haha!

  8. i have the chocolate one its absolutely delicious!

  9. Mint Julips is amazing!!!! Mine expired though wah and I barely made a dent in it!!! I got the Bubblegum one recently at a Lush event so I should start using that asap so it doesnt expire too!

  10. I love this lip scrub, so so fun to use and eat ;)

  11. I've had my eyes on this lip scrub for a while now, but the thought of licking dead skin off your lips... ermm yeah... But I think I will give it a go!


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