03 October 2013

Think Pink! -- Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer in 102 Nova

Oiiiiiiiii! I know I'm late with this product, but better late than never? @_@

Like the previous product, this Apocalips Lip Lacquer was also kindly provided for review by my sister :P
When these launched, I made sure to show this range to my sister.... and I guess that it worked out well since she decided to purchase Nova! Hehehe!

The Apocalips range are packaged in a black packaging with a gradient to the shade! They are liquid lipsticks which are described to be "intensely rich with a satin finish".

Comes with a doe-foot applicator for an easy application. I personally don't mind it, but it's definitely will not give you that clean-edged look. For me, I just apply it straight from the applicator. I don't usually go for that clean-edge looks, unless they are bright and bold, and have the tendency to smear and bleed.

Nova doesn't smear for me though. It just sits on the lips nicely without feeling overly slippery like some other lip products I own. It's also non-sticky!! Just feels velvety on the lips! Just right!

The formula sits to be extremely lightweight on the lips, and feels ridiculously smooth when applied [and swatched]! It also somewhat stains too, but the most of the product just sits on the lips like a gloss. I don't feel like it lasts THAT long though. At max, only 2.5 hours on my lips and not to mention that it can be somewhat transferable.

Overall, it is a nice lip product to have in the stash. The formula and shade is nice, although I did wish that it'd last a little longer. I'm curious as to how the brighter colours like Stellar performs though! YES! That ridiculously bright red-coral! You know what I'm talking about?!

What is YOUR favourite "lip lacquer"? 

Besides this, I've tried Australis Pout Pastes which were intense lip products, but a tad too inconvenient to wear with its high-maintenance formula.

Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer, $15.95 (AUD), available in 8 shades.


  1. I really like the apocalips, but I'm not brave enough to wear it all out so I dab a bit on my lips and blend it outwards. I have "celestial" and this color looks really nice too! Looks great on you :)

  2. Pretty! Also I don't remember if I told you but my mum thinks you're adorbz. I wish I got more shades with my last ASOS order

  3. Gorgeous shade! It's my most worn from the range easily.

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  4. This is such a pretty shade! I only opt for Big Bang on nights out because its so red!

  5. Celestial is my fave. Haven't got Nova though!!
    xxx Kat

  6. I have this as well, it's my favourite. You're rocking it, I like how creamy it is.


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