16 October 2013

Think Pink! -- Models Prefer Gloss Stick in Marshmallow

Ahhhh, I've promised to do a swatch post of this range some time ago, but I still haven't got to it! Sorry for those who have been waiting! I'll work on the other shades in another post, but for now, let's think and talk pink!

Besides Max Factor's Giant Pen Sticks, I've never really laid an eye on any other gloss sticks. I've tried Face Of Australia's previously, and I can't say that I'm impressed, so since, I've never really looked into gloss sticks. Even those Showstopper Gloss Sticks by my favourite brand, Australis!

The only thing that made me purchased these Models Prefer Gloss Sticks were its cheap price tag... I've purchased them at my local flea markets for $2 each! I have a few more shades, but like I said, let's only yap yap about this bright pink shade!

Marshmallow IS a bright pink shade. Almost barbie bright. It's not exactly a shade I wouldn't wear, but in all honesty, it's not the most flattering shade of pink for me.

The formula also makes it a tad more high maintenance. It has a thin and velvety consistency, and is less creamy in terms of texture. It applies on like a thin layer of glossy-colour that just sits on top and doesn't really settle. The only problem with it "just sitting there" is that, it becomes more transferable that way and once transferred away, it doesn't really leave any colours behind on the lips.

As for the shade, because it's so bright, exfoliating is a NECESSARY step! Wearing this with chapped and flaky lips... Oh, I'm sure you can imagine! The colour WILL gather around any flakes on the lips, which is NOT a pretty look! @_@ Therefore, either non-chapped and exfoliated lips or nil!

On the brighter side, this wears quite well. Wears nicely until 2-3 hours later, or until you eat or drink. As I've mentioned, it's not very transfer resistant!

So although I'm not overly impressed with the formula (I hate slippery lip products), I'm still looking forward to the other shades that I own from this range! I have a darker berry/plum colour sitting around, which I'm keen to try.

Anyways, the last time I visited my local Priceline, I saw these on sale so they MAY have be discontinued. Check your local Priceline if you'd like to give these a go though!


  1. I didn't end up picking these up because they swatched quite 'slippery' as you said, but I think this colour is really pretty on you! I think I will buy the whole range of their permanent glosses rather than buy these, but I do like your swatch :)

  2. I love these crayon style lip colours! I've never used Models Prefer before, but I always have a Revlon Just Bitten one in my bag, they're so so convenient.

  3. I find some lip crayons DO tend to clump around the skin on my lips too!
    This colour looks fun though :)

  4. I love crayon products :) I'm a bit obsessed with the covergirl ones at the moment, definitely worth checking out and it seems like they are always on sale at priceline which only makes them better!

  5. This is such a wonderful colour, these pinks really suit you!


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