14 October 2013

Think Pink! -- Favourite Pink Gradient Lips

Gradient lips has always been around for a while now, and since its debut in the beauty community, it's always been one of my favourite ways to wear lippies!

Not only because it actually looks nice, but being able to use two lip colours at a time just makes me feel as I'm not neglecting too many from the stash! Hehehe.

My favourite way to sport a gradient lip is by going pink. I've seen some people go 100% nude/beige lips with a bold red colour bleeding from the center, but that look is just a little too bold for my everyday, so here's my take:

I've used Max Factor's Colour Elixir Giant Pen Sticks in Couture Blush and Passionate Red. Gotta say that since their addition to my collection, they've been my favourite to use! Prior to that, my favourite combo was with Sportsgirl's nude lipstick in "All About You" and "Juicy Watermelon".

Both shades are great to wear alone on the lips, not to mention their formula is fantastic too! I've previously reviewed them here (with individual swatches), if you're a curious peanut.

Leaning pink like this just looks much nicer in my (very own!) opinion. It's still a gradient lip, but having pink as a base just makes it much more subtle for everyday-wear.

Have been sporting this look for a while now actually, and will probably continue to do so for the rest of Spring! Also need to buy back-ups for Couture Blush for my upcoming holiday trip to Vietnam, because I'm almost done with this one!

Have you tried Max Factor's Giant Pen Sticks?!?!?
You must've... right?!?!?!

Mentioned them so many times before.. *expects everyone to have already tried these*... Hahaha! Just kidding! x)

But seriously, if you haven't tried these.. make sure to do so! I really love them and have always highly recommended them. They are also only $10 each, or even cheaper if you catch em' on sale!

Disclaimer: Both products were provided for review consideration only. All opinions on these are of my own, and remains to be unbiased and uninfluenced.


  1. This looks so gorgeous! I love how subtle it is! xx

  2. Ooh it looks really pretty and natural too :)

  3. Looks lovely on you!! I've got two of them... possibly the same as yours but I can't remember!
    xxx Kat

  4. Awesome, it looks awesome. What a great idea, it helps give products an opportunity to shine!


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