09 January 2013

Picnic with Nutrimetics Colour Wardrobe System!

Cosmetics nowadays comes in all sorts of colours from wearable to whack-able, but something to strongly consider is... which of these colours suit you?

The first step to determining which colours suit you is to:
  • Determine your skin's undertone -- warm, cool, neutral, olive. 
  • Determine the product's undertone -- warm, cool, neutral.

Looks easy, but hell, if you struggle to determine your own skin's undertone in the first place.. then you stand no chance to be able tell undertones of cosmetic products! 

Now.. Nutrimetics has introduced their 'Colour Wardrobe' colour-matching system for their cosmetics -- something that I appreciate very much! Products are now labelled with 'C' for Cool and 'W' for Warm, making it easier for you to find shades that will suit your complexion.

Yeap. I got fancy with these photos, don't blame me though. Blame the yummy and cutesy names they gave to these products!

Nutrimetics Pure Touch Blush in 500W Peach ($25.00) -- is a straight-up peach blush that you can't go wrong with -- a naturally, flushed peachy shade with a light hand and bold and daring with a heavy hand. It's texture is holy golly smooth and silky which blends beautifully on the skin!

It fades a tad by the end of 8 hours of wear, which is fair-fair. I really love the texture and pigmentation, but sadly, there's only 4 shades to play with in this range... meep. 

Nutrimetics Hydra Brilliance Lipstick in 104W Persimmon ($25.00) -- is a daring, bright, bold coral-red that... shocked me. It's shocking bright in the tube and to be honest, it's not a shade I'd pick up for myself. I'm at the "lipstick" stage where I'm still trying to feel comfortable with reds, so orange is just out of the question at this moment!

Is it not? Ok. Maybe it doesn't look so bright in the photo, but trust me on this peeps and peepos!

Anyways, I truly LOVE the packaging of this lipstick! It has a magnetic and mirrored lid.... yeap, you read right! The magnet keeps the lid on so no more lids lost in that blackhole of your handbag and you can also use the cap as a mirror on the go! Yay!

The formula is impressively pigmented, smooth and silky, non-drying and lightweight on the lips.... and.. um.. heaps transferable. I touch up after every single snack. I'm talk about Oreos and popcorn :(
    I'll have to powder this down, add a lipliner as base and touch up frequently with this one unfortunately.. Meep. 

    And then there's two Colour Impact Eyeshadows ($20.00)....... Fawn and Chocolate. 

    Fawn is a matte, light tan colour with yellow tones. You see, I tried to match the names with a nice relative background shot, but I had no idea what to do with a shade of the name "Fawn". Seriously..

    Chocolate is what it is -- a matte, dark chocolate brown colour.... Ya, that was so helpful Tram........ Unlike products that I've mentioned so far, this eyeshadow I received is cool-toned with a 'C' label on the back. Must've been a mistake on their end :P

    These eyeshadows are moderate in terms of pigmentation with that same smooth and silky texture, just like their blusher! I feel like they swatch to be very pigmented on the hands, but when using a brush, you'll need to layer and layer and layer.... or use a primer.

    Peach, Chocolate, Fawn, Persimmon

    Of course, they're still really love eyeshadows to have but their prices leaves me umm-ing and ahh-ing...

    FOTD time!

    All in all, I really love the concept of undertone-labelling for these products! I know MAC is known for their range of NC/NW coverage ranges, but I personally think it's important to know the undertones of colour cosmetics too!

    Are YOU strict with matching products' undertones to YOUR skin tone?
    Have you tried any Nutrimetics products before?

    You can find Nutrimetics products from their official website or find a consultant in your area.

    Disclaimer: Products mentioned in this post were provided for review consideration. All opinions expressed within this post are of my own and remains uninfluenced. Please refer to this site's disclosure policy. 


    1. You are seriously so pretty! Love what you did with the fruit haha

    2. Wow you are so gorgeous! That lip color looks fantastic on you!!



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