24 January 2013

NEW Australis Glitter Nail Polishes -- Milky Way, Space Jam, Glitter Strikes Back Swatches!

I seriously have a problem guys! A nail polish hoarding problem! >_<! I was reading sleepandwater yesterday and crossed her latest post on an Australis' nail polish. A glitter nail polish, that is! I usually don't care for Australis' nail polishes too much because in my experience, they are gloopy, thick and overpriced.

But today, after seeing her swatches on 'Milky Way', I quickly got ready and made a trip to Priceline.. Sigh. I picked up all three newly released glitter babies... Super sigh!

Milky Way, Space Jam, Glitter Strikes Back

My friend (a boy) with was with me said that Milky Way looks like a milky vomit (LOL) and Space Jam looks like diarrhoea LOL... Boys oh boys!

Anyways, lets put those gross stuff aside. I have something to say about each of these glitter polishes as their formula isn't very consistent, so let's get straight into swatching and all!

Space Jam

Space Jam has a dark purple plum base with added blue hex glitters and tiny fuchsia rounds. Lots of glitter is great, but I actually find that this one is packed with too much glitter for its sheerness so when I tried to build up on the opacity, the blue glitters layers over each other and becomes disgustingly thick... not to mention that the nail polish itself is already on the thicker side.

3 coats

One coat of this picks up way too much glitter for me, but if you're still keen bean on this one then I'd suggest using it as a top coat over a dark base instead of trying to build up its opacity.

I did have high hopes for this because its released press image is super pretty.. But in reality after, the plum colour of this nail polish is actually too dark for the lovely blue and fuchsia glitters to be seen.

Meep. Super meep.

Glitter Strikes Back

Glitter Strikes Back reminds me ALOT of Halloween! It consists of orange, yellow-to-gold, purple and fuchsia hex glitters on a clear base coat! Unlike Space Jam (thank Buddha!), it has the perfect consistency so you can definitely do layering with this without it looking overly thick. I get a fair amount of glitters on the first coat so I won't be layering, but if you prefer less or more glitters, it doesn't take much effort to adjust the amount of glitters at all!

2 coats

I'm happy with everything about Glitter Strikes Back so I'd recommend this one if you fancy it! My favourite combination is with the black base.. it really does remind me of Halloween! You?

Ok! Leaving the best to last baby!

Milky Way!!! Lookin' pretty and cute in the bottle there you little thing! ;D

Milky Way looks alot like a blue-toned white, but I'm pretty sure that it's just the teeny tiny blue glitters that's playin' tricks! On my nails, it is more of a dull-white with gold, green, purple, fuchsia, blue, white and orange hex glitters.. pretty eh?

6 coats

I personally don't know too much about jelly finishes so I can't tell you whether this is a jelly or not. I don't think it is as sheer as those with jelly finishes though because the more I layer, the less glitters (from underneath) I can see! But it is still on the sheerer side in comparison to other nail polishes, and has a thinner consistency which is ideal for layering! Yay! ^_^ 

Here's a comparison photo with 3 coats and 6 coats (yes! 6 coats!):

So that concludes for the three new Australis Glitter Coats! If you really want these then I'd suggest you wait a few more days until Priceline's new catalogue comes out.. instead of buying them now for the full RRP $7.95!

Which Glitter nail lacquer do you like most from the three?

Will you be looking out for them next time you hit up Priceline/Big W?

Oh, and speaking of Australis.. don't forget to enter my 3 Years Blog Birthday giveaway! Full of Australis products I tell ya!


  1. Nice post. I think I like Milky Way the best. :)

  2. Wow, loved this post. I love Glitter strikes back the best, especially on white, but Milky way looks cool too. As for Space Jam, the formula looks atrocious! What a shame.

  3. to be honest, i'm not convinced on buying these! they look awesome in the bottle though :)

  4. I like the Milky Way one the most :) But I would like it more if it only needed one or a couple of coats to get it looking like six coats!

    I think I may pass on these though I really appreciate your review ^^

    1. You're welcome Jen! That's very true! I'd just have to layer it over a white base! I really can't bee bothered for 6 coats..

  5. I picked up Glitter Strikes Back & Milky Way while I was on holidays & love them both so glad I didn't pick up Space Jam
    great post :)

  6. Beautiful glitter polishes! My favourite is Milky Way too but despite the formula for Space Jam being disappointing, it does look very pretty when it is swatched :)

    1. Karen, you are the only one so far who thinks Space Jam is a pretty one! :0

    2. On second inspection, Space Jam does look a little zombie-like haha! Your swatches are so nice though, I love your photos :)

  7. Great post! I love the Milky Way one... You're very brave trying 6 coats! I will definitely keep an eye out at Priceline!

  8. They all look lovely in their bottles, but I'd have to say Milky Way is a winner and I'll be grabbing one hopefully :D Thanks for the review and swatches! I also kinda had high hopes that Space Jam would look awesome but unfortunately it looks gross in my opinion :(

  9. Ooh Milky Way reminds me of 'A tisket, a tasket' from Femme Fatale Cosmetics (Aussie indie brand, have you heard of them?) but the glitter in Milky Way is bolder and more colourful.

    1. I have never heard of Femme Fatale! I just googled that particular nail polish and yes, it does look very similar! Off to do some research about Femme Fatale..

    2. I think they have special packages for beauty bloggers/youtubers if you're interested. I have some of their powder products which I really like, there's a lot of super pretty duochrome eyeshadows. I have some glitter polishes from them which are also pretty but I don't wear them as much as I would like because removing glitter is such a pain in the behind!

  10. I'm a bit disappointed with Space Jam! I've never used a jelly before so it I was excited by it, but it does look super gloopy on your nails (like, Jam!). Milky Way looks nice but I already have Gloss N' sparkles unicorn droppings, which is opaque in only 3 thin coats. Probably a good thing, because I was excited about these polishes, but I really don't need to buy more!

  11. Thanks so much for the shoutout :) I'm glad that you weren't disappointed by Milky Way. I quite like the look of Glitter Strikes Back (cute name), though I think I will pass simply because I just have way too many glitter polishes. Space Jam looks really thick and gloopy! :\

  12. These are all pretty but I'd probably layer them! Can't see myself having the patience to keep layering coats until they reach opacity! How did you find removal?

    1. I actually used a peel off base coat, so I didn't go through removal with these! I'm assuming that they'll be just like any other glitters though! :P

  13. Milky Way looks so fun!!


  14. Oh wow, they're all so gorgeous!
    I really love glitter polishes - that Milky way one looks stunning and adorable!! >w<
    Hihi, Priceline is the way to go! ^w^


  15. I love Australis nailpolish! Milky way looks interesting :)

    Great Post
    x Sakura

  17. Wow, I'm quite impressed by these.

    I really like the white one. It kinds of looks more subtle than the others but is still interesting.



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