11 January 2013

A slice of life -- On Sydney's heat, #cuttingforBeiber

Hi guys! I'm totally not feeling it today. I know I've got so many posts to catch up on, but seriously.. I'm dreading here..

On Sydney's heat. 
A few days ago (I think it may be Monday), Sydney has hit the hottest it's been in yonks. I'm actually real good at withstanding the heat, but that day hit a whopping 43 degrees! Unbelievabubble mate, but thank God for: the invention of air conditioners and thank God I don't have stingy parents who wouldn't allow air conditioners. LOL.

Also, I've decided to store all my make-up in the fridge, because apparently.. it's going to be even hotter this Saturday!

On #cuttingforBeiber.
I've read somewhere that this was a prank started by members of 4Chan. Apparently they've gathered a few images of wrist cuts, added captions to it and then tweeted it around. Seriously, those members have too much spare time on their hands. I hope no one really self-harmed for Beiber... cause I can't imagine what they would do if he did worse than smokin' a joint.

On the tackiest. 

Ugh. Yux.

On blogging mojo. 
I've lost my blogging motivation! I'm trying SO so hard to get back into it! I'm still a big beauty lover, but I've just been lazy... I just really want a new camera AND I really need to get to fixing my photography area! The lamp is broken! Needs to be replaced! Goddddd.

On new haircut. 
So I've decided that I will be growing out my natural hair again to hopefully make it in time to donate this September! First step to doing so is to cut my hair.. I've decided to ask my Mum to help me. I got a straight-across trim so my hair will grow faster as it was already pretty long with plenty of split ends!

Grr... just the thought of having to wait for the dyed part of my hair to grow out is killin' me. It will look ugly as hell!


  1. That cutting4bieber thing -___- ugh.
    And it's really hot here too! omg.

  2. I'm just gonna chill at home tomorrow with the aircon on and do my grocery shopping at night when it's cooler hopefully :P Oh that reminds me I better throw in some ice packs and cold towels in the fridge later :D HAHA

    1. That is a REALLY good idea! Shall keep that in mind for hot days!

  3. Ahhh the whole cutting for bieber thing made me so mad agh.


  4. LMAO those heels cracked me up, goodness who thought they were a good idea? yeah the cutting for bieber thing is sad. if he has that much influence, he could use it to make them realise it's stupid


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