28 January 2013

A slice of life -- A big duck, yummy things and the not so yummy.

For the past month, life has been treating me SO good! Let me tell ya about it.

On a big duck.
Went with Alice to eat in the city some time ago and we went to see the big duck at Darling Harbour! I think it's there for a festival?

On Instagram photos, it looks quite small.. but holy golly! When we got there and saw it... "OMG. It's sooo big!". We didn't think it was going to be THAT big.

On an upgrade. 
After several months of saving for a new DSLR camera.. I finally managed to save up enough and got myself a Canon EOS 650D! My Canon SX30IS served me real well! I'm still going to be using it to record videos, but yay for new and improved photo quality!

I ordered this from Kogan and they took 3-4 days to ship it out (meh) and from there, it took 3-4 days to get to my front door. Loved their free shipping and tracking service!

On happy news.
I'm happy to announce that... I am PREGNANT! Yeap. You read right........ just kidding. My blog turned 3 not too long ago, and I'm celebrating that with an international giveaway! Later that night, main round offers for universities also came out and I landed myself a spot in a Primary Teaching course! WOO! Yay for no more TAFE! Yay for university!!

On yummy food.
I've been addicted to sushi again. I have been craving fresh salmon sushi rolls way too often! I've pretty much have been pigging out at any sushi bars I cross!

Left: Salmon box and BBQ Eel (which tastes okay).

Right: Tuna rolls, topped with melted cheese and some sauce (not sure what sauce) and another salmon box!

On the not so yummy. Like.. Tampons. 
Our viral video of the week consist of a young girl sucking on her bloody tampon (oh, punny!). I haven't watched the video yet although I'm contemplating to.. only because I wonder if I can handle watching stuff that's THAT gross. Have you watched it?!

It made perfect sense that when she held up her used tampon, she said, "If anyone says this is fake, there's obviously something wrong with you!".... Well. Of course there's something wrong with us.......

I also follow her on Twitter for the lols. Here's some funny tweets by her:

Not sure if she's trolling or if she's facking serious. She sure does enjoy the attention (or hate) everyone is giving her though! Oh.. she also has online "fan" pages and Twitter accounts.. What is this world coming to?

On friends.
Finally got to meet up with my lovely highschool girl friends last weekend! It's been a loooooooong time! We went to eat Ippudo in the city, Japanese food, and it was delicious! I'm going back soon, for sure and I'll make sure to snap up a few photos to share with you guys! :P

That photo is of a dish called shizhibsdodsgis. Na. I don't know. No idea what it's called, but it's eel with rice and it was the yummiest!

On life-changing decisions. 
I have way too many nail polishes! I'm on a roll to blog about them as soon as I could and then give them or sell them away! I'm honestly sick of having too much stuff in my collection that I know I'd never finish!

Afterall, how many red nail polishes do I really need for my 20 phalanges?

Oh~ Speaking of nails, I've swatched Australis' New Glitter Top Coats and OPI Mariah Carey Liquid Sand if you're interested!

That is all! Off to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and my lasagne in this rainy Sydney weather! Hope everyone who's situated in Aussie is enjoying their long weekend!

Stay safe! xx


  1. omfg when I read the line where you said you were pregnant i was ilke WTF SHE DIDNT TELL US????

  2. OMG at your pregnancy 'announcement' LOL I was literally like O__O
    Ew at the tampon girl... I haven't watched the video either but I don't plan to... ever :S Just hearing about it is disgusting enough!! Can't believe she's being like that on Twitter... well actually, I can believe it because she obviously has major issues >_<

  3. ewwwww at the tampon girl.. i clicked on the video but i couldn't handle it.. i was scared that i would puke my dinner out.. ughhh grosssss!! it has been a huge topic lately on youtube though lol xD ..

    btw, i bought the same camera a few weeks ago :D totally love it !!! EEK !! YAY TO FLIP SCREEEEN :D

  4. I am so annoyed with the tampon girl... she seriously thinks people love her -.-

    And omg my jaw dropped when you said you were pregnant!
    That camera looks amazing!

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