13 January 2013

Round Up: 2012 Beauty Favourites

Not too late for a round up of 2012 favourites, yes?! I was actually planning not to round up any favourite products for the year at all because it'll be such a long long long post.. for you guys to read!

But then I figured it's only a yearly post, so it should be fine.. bear with me guys.

  • Real Techniques (Core Collection) Buffing Brush -- The domed shape makes it easier and quicker for me to apply foundation than the Sigma F80! I use this in both stippling and buffing motions. 
  • Cosmetica by Manicare Short Handled Powder Brush -- not exceptionally great in quality, but the short handle and the brush size and shape makes it easy and just perfect for contouring! I also squeeze the brush shape together to contour my nose.. hehe!
  • Royal & Langnickel (Silk Green Line) Blush Brush* -- still using this daily from 2011! I use it to apply highlighter, blusher and bronzer! 

  • Urban Decay's NAKED Palette -- When I'm feeling real fancy, NAKED comes to play! 'Virgin' to highlight my brow bones, nose and cupid's bow and sometimes I'd apply 'Half Baked' (beautiful gold) all over the lids just to brighten up my eye area.

  • Face Of Australia Liquid Eyeliner* -- I found this really hard to use at first, but once you get the grip.. oh.. it's HG material! Review here >
  • Australis 10HR Wear Eye Pencil in 'Bombastic Bronze' -- This is a beautiful shimmering bronze eyeliner! I use it on both upper and lower lash lines, and sometimes even over the lids for a non over-the-top 'smoked out' look. The pencil is incredibly creamy, soft and glides on so so smoothly on the eye area! I definitely need a primer for it to last though!
  • Savvy by DB Eye Pencil in Brilliant Bronze -- exactly the same as the Australis 10HR Wear Eye Pencil in 'Bombastic Bronze'. Same shade, same formula, same everything except that it doesn't lasts as long.

  • Australis Lash Length Extensions Mascara* -- A great lengthening mascara for my short, stubby lashes! There's a love/hate relationship between us though.. sometimes it works perfect and gives me the most natural lengthened lashes, but sometimes it just clumps and doesn't work. I think I may know what it is though... I'll make sure to review this soon if you don't mind too many features of Australis Cosmetics (yes, I love their brand that much!).
  • Australia Eyeshadow Primer -- I lean towards this when I need a base for any eyeshadows or eyeliners (such as their 10HR Wear Eye Pencils) and it works! It prolongs the wear time and prevents smudging!
  • Australis Colour Inject Mineral Lipsticks in Salsa -- LOVE this shade. It's such a pretty, poppy pink on the lips that doesn't seek too much attention and its formula is comfortable to wear!
  • Bourjois Sweet Kiss Naturel Lipstick in Rose Tendre -- I've only just discovered this in my stash and it is just as comfortable as any other without being overly creamy and thick. I love this shade! There's just something about it that stands out to be unique in my collection. I know it looks like a pinky-brown in tube, but it applies to be a sweet, natural pink shade! I really need to get to reviewing and swatching this to show you how lovely it is.

  • Make Up Forever HD Foundation -- Wasn't a fan of this foundation at first, but I love it now! Yet to review it but it looks oh so natural on the skin and I love the shade! It's almost a perfect match for me!
  • Palmer's Eventone BB Creams* -- I love these! They're coverage alternatives for lazy days as they're easy to apply and sits on the skin lookin' real natural and dewy! Review here >
  • [Runner Up] I'd like to say I'm also a big fan of Face Of Australia's Lasting Looks Natural Foundation*, but I couldn't find a shade suitable for me.. The shades I've used in 2011 suddenly became too dark for me this year.. Oh bummer! 
Exactly the same highlighters featured in my 2011 faves!

  • Face Of Australia Mineral Therapy Illuminating Pearls* -- Offers lovely natural sheen without being overly shimmery!
  • Smashbox Artificial Light Luminizing Lotion -- I've tried quite a few 'luminizers' as highlighters this year and this one is still the most intensed of the bunch!

  • Pure Fiji Body Lotion in 'Coconut' -- This is forever my favourite body lotion scent! It smells absolutely amazing! I'd use this everyday for the rest of my life... if only it wouldn't break my bank.  
  • Elmer's School Glue -- What is this doing here, you asked? I've abandoned base coats for a while now.. I've turned to peel-off base coats instead since it's quicker and more fun to remove! Also not harsh on the skin like acetone.
  • Australis See Ya Later Nail Polish Remover -- Ok.. and when I don't use peel-off base coats, I turn to this one. This one's a gem! I don't think it's pure acetone in a bottle, but it sure does work like one! 

  • OPI (Nicki Minaj Collection) Metallic 4 Life -- Never been a fan of chunky glitters but this is such an amazing silver on black combo!
  • B Collection Santorini and Vancouver -- Posted about both of these here. Both are my go-to picks for pedicures!
  • Ulta3 (Get Your Glam On Collection) Over The Rainbow -- Posted about it here. It's a fun perfect-sized, multi-coloured glitter coat to layer over any pastels. I can look at my nails all day with this on!
  • ORLY Sweet Peacock* -- Oh.. this is my absolute favourite nail polish ever! I usually don't sport blues, but this seriously blue me away. This is my go-to nail polish whenever I'm in a hurry to get ready. It's easy to apply, opaque with two coats, dries fairly quick and has an amazing foily finish. Love love love love! 
  • Max Factor Mini Nail Polish in Candy Blue -- Not your average blue polish... not to me, at least! I feel like you can do alot of colour blocking and matching with this particular shade. I love that it's not too dark, but not extremely bright -- just the perfect tone of blue. Probably the last blue to hit my list of favourites.. I'm not kidding when I say "I don't sport blues". 

That's all for my 2012 favourites! I was looking at my blushers and I just couldn't think of one blush that I really really did love this year.. All blushers I used this year were great in quality, but none of the shades made big impressions. 

Thanks for reading! Just wanted to remind ya that tomorrow is Monday so.. here we go again..... Lucky I'm on holidays! Muahaha.. Sucks for ya. 

Oh, I'm feeling a bit cheeky today.. so I'm gonna spill.. I have a giveaway coming up for you guys.. VERY SOON so watch this space! 

Disclaimer: Products marked with * were provided for review consideration. All opinions expressed within this post are of my own and remains uninfluenced. Please refer to this site's disclosure policy. 


  1. Half Baked is one of my favourite eye shadow colours its so beautiful & I love the Naked Palette.. These are such good favourites & very different from any that I've seen :)

  2. Great favourites, glad to see some aussie brands in here!

  3. Oooh I love the FOA liquid liner, and that lipstick in Salsa looks so so so pretty!

  4. I loved this post Tram! Wish it was even longer !
    Some of your favs are my favs too.
    I still haven't had the chance to try the Savvy eyeliner yet but I hope it works well

  5. I've been a reader for a while, and I really like this post! Ps Rose Tendre looks really pretty, look forward to your review/swatch of it :)

  6. The Real Techniques buffing brush is one of my yearly favorites as well. Amazing brush, I loved it so much x

  7. How much effort does it take to wipe nailpolish off with that remover? I use a really crappy one that doesn't even do anything ;(

    1. It's actually really good! I just let it soak on the nails for less than 5 seconds! ^_^

    2. It dissolves my artificial nails in less than a minute each. it's 80% acetone i think.

      Stock up when their on sale for less than $2 each.

  8. I have the long handled version of the Cosmetica Powder Brush and I've had to adjust my makeup routine to include 30 seconds to pick the stray brush hairs off my face haha. I see a couple of my favourites on your list - FOA Liquid Eyeliners, Australis Eyeliners & Lipsticks!

    1. LOL That is SO true~!!!!!!!! The brush shreds sooo bad!

  9. This is a great post and there are some awesome products. I've been hearing so much about the Real Techniques brushes that I've decided to pick up some myself soon. Just stumbled across your blog and really love it. You got a new follower now :)


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