06 January 2013

NOTD: Polka Pink and Coral by B Collection Nail Polishes

Hi hi!! This is gonna be a quick post! I swear I'm not being lazy but there's only a few decent snaps from when I had these nails on!

I whipped out my favourite B Collection shade 'Vancouver' and another shade that I've had in the collection for a while, 'Santorini'.

Santorini, Vancouver

'Vancouver' is a soft pink and is my favourite pedicure shade. I'm not very comfortable with wearing bright and bold colours on my toes so I always paint it any soft and 'not so loud'. However, for this Summer, I've got heaps tanned so 'Vancouver' just makes me my feet look... dirty. Yeap. Dirty. Maybe because it makes my feet looks so much more tanned!

So I decided to try something new... I picked up 'Santorini' which I've also had my eye on. It's such a pretty coral in the bottle, but I've somehow forgot about it until I was 're-analysing' my nail collection.

Next thing ya know, it looks fab on my toes. LOL. No joke! It brightens and really gives a cute, poppy feel which I really like! I'd have to say that these two are most likely the only two nail polishes that I'd ever wear on my toes.

Anyways, enough about toes and feet.

I stumbled across a simple, yet cute nail art manicure the other day (I really can't remember where I saw it from) but it was so simple and easy that I'd have to give it go!

Pretty much just dots on opposite colours! The photo I saw used a beige colour on black, which looked way more sophisticated and prettier than my dodgy take, but hey! I gave it a go.. We all know I was never ever good with nail arts anyways!

I don't think you can find B Collection nail polishes anymore.. they were exclusively available to Target but I think the line may be discontinued now.. Hmm. Their formulas are decent, but not worth their original $14.95 price tag. However I highly recommend these two shades if you do find them on clearance!

Disclaimer: Products were purchased by me.


  1. Oh my gosh I love this! It is so simple but so effective! It's brilliant!

  2. Super pretty shades! Yeah, I think they are discontinued because the last time I was in Target, the whole range was on clearance..

  3. Love the polka dot design! I think what you did is lovely, since I still can't imagine what the black + beige would look like.

  4. Cute design and gorgeous shades!


  5. Wow that is just gorgeous!!



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