23 October 2012

DIY Nail Rack -- where to purchase tools & materials in Australia?

If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter, you would probably know that I've successfully made a DIY nail rack a few weeks ago, after spending ages to figure out how to store my nail polishes!

Being a happy chap, I wanted to share with you guys on how I made it, how long it look and where I purchased the tools and materials (in Sydney, Australia)!

I actually didn't follow any particular DIY Nail Racks guides on YouTube, to be honest. I had a quick look at this video and it's pretty much just common sense!

Of course, I measured the spaces in between each row to suit the different heights of my nail polishes and I just left the top row open instead, so I can hold taller nail polishes.

Materials & Tools (in Sydney, Australia)

  1. Metal Ruler -- check Bunnings Warehouse, Big W or borrow from a neighbour or relative (anyone who does construction, timber-work should have one of these!). I didn't use one, but I'd suggest it as it's sturdier, more exact in measuring units and sharp utility knives can't cut into it (like it did to my regular wooden ruler). 
  2. Foam boards (also known as foamcores, I believe) -- can be found at your local arts&crafts stores (such as Riots Art & Craft). Available in different sizes and thickness. I purchased 3 pieces for my nail rack at ArtMax (Liverpool, Sydney) for $7/piece. 
  3. Hot Gluestick Melts -- $5 for a pack of 24 at Big W. 
  4. Hot Glue Gun -- Big W's craft section. $10 - $15. Borrow from someone if you can!
  5. Utility Knife -- sharp as hell, so do be careful with it! Very easy to find. You can check Bunnings Warehouse, Big W, Asian bargain stores, etc........... or just borrow again. 

The only items I purchased were the foamboards, hot glue gun and hot gluesticks, totalling to $35-$40 (which is okay). The hot glue gun and gluestick melts are with me to stay, and I still have a very large piece of foamboard left! Will make another nail polish rack... :P

Question time! Here are a few things many people question:
Q. Is hot glue strong enough? 
A. I know hot glue doesn't look that promising, but it is super strong for crafty projects! I actually didn't think it'd turn out very sturdy either, but I was wrong! :P 
Q. How many nail polishes can it hold?
A. This depends on the size of your nail polishes and how wide your nail rack is! Mine can hold up to 14 OPI nail polishes and I have 8 rows so that's at least 112 nail polishes! 
Q. How long did it take you?
This nail rack took me about 4-5 hours to make because I'm a very keen bean -- I can't leave things unfinished >:[

Of course if you have any questions, leave me a comment below! ^_^ I'd be more than happy to help/answer!

This DIY project was super easy to do. It just took a long time because I had to be very exact on the measurements so the nail rack didn't look sloppy.. but it's totally worth it!

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  1. I love how neat your edges are on your shelves! How'd you get it so neat! The tutorial ones are rough & edgy :S

    1. Hehehhee! I really like my stuff to be neat and tidy! I can't stand things looking dogdy... :( You just have to be very accurate with measurements and cutting!

  2. You have so many nailpolishes!
    You totally rock as a woman
    with making the shelves!


  3. ahh yours turned out so nicely! starting to think i need one! but i'd need to keep it somewhere in the shade so it doesnt damage my nail polishes!


    1. Good idea!! You're super careful! The sunlight always shines on my nail polishes! Meh!

  4. I need to make me one of these! Seems so easy too! Yours looks very well made. :D

  5. WOW! you are one handy-woman! I love that you were able to build this yourself!! GREAT JOB girlfriend! AND what a collection youve got there!!:)

    NEW FOLLOWER here for sure!

    The Misty Mom

  6. Wow this is awesome! So many pretty nail polishes too :)

  7. niiiice!!! I love DIY projects.. this is so well done.. reminds me of the nail polish racks I see at the nail salon. What a pretty way to store nail polishes too =)

    1. Oh yes! They have the exxy acrylic racks! You should try this!


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