30 October 2012

At First Sight: Palmer's Eventone BB Creams

Since the explosive trend of BB creams (blemish balms) across Asia, I can pull out a handful (make that two handfuls actually!) of brands/companies from the top of my head who've jumped on the BB bandwagon. And as far as I know.. there has not been one BB cream from the West which has lived up to the hype..

However, in saying that, I'm actually always excited to see Western brands hitting up with their very own BB cream formulas... Full coverage products with awesome skincare benefits makes every make-up enthusiast's dream.

Anyways, Palmer's has recently just released their very own Eventone BB Cream! I was shocked (for real!) when I received information on the new release since 'Australia's 1st BB Cream' *ahem* Garnier *ahem* didn't do me well. Meep. And not to mention I never really expected a BB cream from Palmer's!

I haven't used the product long enough to review it yet, so I'm gonna give it a while more! But here are my first thoughts...
  • Wow. The consistency is quite thick.
  • Holy cow, the shade 'Fair/Light' is VERY light. Let's check out 'Medium/Dark'....

Eventone BB Cream swatches: Fair/Light, Medium/Dark

  • Medium/Dark is too dark. Lucky I have both shades! ^_^"
  • Soft dewy glow, me likey.... it's also not caking/flaking on my dry cheeks!
  • Nice coverage!

6 hours later....

  • Hi Eventone BB Cream. You still on my face. K coolcats! 

Yeap. My first impressions! I'm gonna give these BB creams a longer trial period, but I'm pretty impressed by the coverage it offers -- a bit much like medium coverage. Seems buildable though!

I was so surprised that it didn't cling onto the dry patches on my cheeks.. Thank god (in this case, thank you Palmer's!).. and it has a matte finish.. which I would've preferred to be dewy. It also settles down really quick so work fast or else you'll be struggling to blend.

Click for larger view

Of course, keep in mind these are just my first impressions so if you're a keen bean for a full review, don't forget to check back here in the next weeks!

Were you surprised by Palmer's release of their new BB Cream?

Will you be giving it a try?

Palmer's Eventone BB Cream retails for $9.99 and is available exclusively to My Chemist and Chemist Warehouse as of October 2012. However, will be available to other stockists as of January 2013.

Disclaimer: Product was provided for review. All opinions within this post remain uninfluenced and unbiased. Please refer to my disclosure policy for more information.


  1. For Western brand BB Creams that work, I like MAC's and Bobbi Brown's!

    1. Never heard of Bobbi Brown's one! ^_^ Thanks for letting us know!! <3

  2. I will be buying this and giving it a shot tried the rimmel and it balls up as you apply garnier one does not give alot of coverage and the loreal age one was way to orange

    1. "Balls up?" .... Sounds weird! Thanks for the heads up! I was looking forward to Rimmel's one too!

  3. This might be worth a look, I haven't had too much luck with drugstore bb creams. For high end, I really like the Diorsnow one. I will look for Palmer's in the US.

    1. Oooo! Interesting! Never heard of the Dior one either! I think you will be able to find Palmer's BB Cream in the US. Good luck!! <3

  4. I have the Maybelline one which is quite good!



  5. I have to say so far every BB Cream from the WEST sucked really badly. In comparison, even the cheapest BB Creams in Asia were much better than what the West provides us. I was really angry with the new cream Garnier launched (in Germany Garnier launched 2-3 different "BB"'s" The new one is supposed to match ALL skin tones (never believe that) and it's orange. I just tried it at the counter and was really shocked :<
    Quite a bit shocked about the strange color choice of Palmers but since I am superpale it could suit me eventually :D

  6. I've never seen this before! It sounds good though I do prefer a semi-matte finish.
    There's such a big contrast between light and medium o.o

  7. Wow definitely didn't expect Palmers to come out with a BB cream! And yikes, that light/fair shade is incredibly light! Love how there are 3 different shades though, quite interested in hearing your thoughts about it when you fully review it later!

  8. this may sound silly- but coming from the West I have just started seeing BB creams popping up and I don't really know what they are meant to do? How are they different from foundation/tinted moisturiser?


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