07 October 2012

Saturday/Sunday Steals #24 -- 11 Nail Polishes for.... $15? Only possible at f lea markets!

Heya! I haven't posted about these market hauls in a month! But don't you worry! I did not stop hoarding from the markets, I just didn't want to throw so many haul posts at you each week! :(

I've been hoarding every single Sunday! I come home with at least one or two nail polishes each week! :(

Four weeks ago, there was this lovely gentleman at the markets selling Avon nail polishes for $2 each! So cheap, so I picked up a few and Mum bought a few which came to 5 bottles!

We purchased a few nail colours from their different ranges including Kiss Me, Strawberry, Midnight Plum from their Nailwear Pro range and Black as Night from their Matte range.

There's also another bottle which was a treatment polish, I think it may've been for strengthening the nails, but I've totally forgot what it's called!

The week after (three weeks ago), I've also purchased MORE nail polishes... -_-"

I met this girl who's my friend's sister, selling at the markets! :P Cute!

I've picked up five polishes as they were only $1 each, too cheap to pass it up! But besides it being so cheap, I also picked them up because:

  • Rimmel London Lycra in Hot Rock -- thought it was a nice twist from the usual red, with lovely shimmers!
  • Rubi Polish in I Like Pina Coladas -- the bottle looked really cute and I thought you guys would be really interested to see how Rubi nail polishes perform!
  • Rubi Polish in Under the Seaport -- I actually don't have a shade like this in my collection! Would look great with a matte top coat too!
  • BYS in Pink Manicure and Midnight Metallic -- these two, I purely purchased for review purposes for my blog..

I'm really not using my blog as an excuse to hoard... Swear!
But anyways, in two weeks, I purchased 11 bottles of nail polishes............ with $15!

What do you say? Well spent, or nay?

Well spent.................. right?


  1. I say...well spent! You'll have so many varieties of polish =)

  2. BYS Pink Manicure is so sheer. I picked it up ages ago from The Reject Shop for $2 and it was not worth it.


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