03 October 2012

Sydney IMATS 2012 Haul & Experiences

As you are probably aware of, the previous weekend has probably been the liveliest beauty weekend of the year!

IMATS, the annual International Make-Up Trade Show and Beauty Bloggers Utopia, a beauty bloggers conference were held in Sydney. You can probably tell with the frequently updates on the Twitter-sphere and Instagram! 

Unfortunately, I didn't score a spot of the two from the Wildcard Challenge to join the fun at BBU, but I did attend IMATS 2012 where I met many beauty bloggers and Youtubers! It was so fun and exciting!

I finally met LingNorlin and Tine. Such cutie patooties! They really did brighten up my day!

And after a year, I've re-met (lol... re-met..) and caught up with Megan and Celeste (Sharleen.. lol!). Very sweet and lovely people to speak to!! :)

I also met and caught a glimpse of a few Youtubers! Some I said 'hi' to, but some I was too shy to...!

Anyways, on to my IMATS haul! I actually didn't purchase much! I spent $73 only. Yes, I'm on a budget and I've came to realise how much make-up I have vs. how much make-up I actually use!

(Ben Nye wheel, y u so pretty?!)

  • Inglot Matte Top Coat ($11.00) -- I've always been on the hunt of a good matte top coat! I saw some matte nail colour swatches at the Inglot stall and it looked great so to my collection, it goes! 
  • Inglot Flakie #202 ($11.00) -- I've been DYING for a flakie nail polish! I've seen so many swatches online of #202 that looked amazing! Glad I got this!
  • OCC Lip Tars in Memento & Cha Cha ($15.00 each) -- Cleared off my wishlist! I really wanted Trollop, but they ran out of the shade so I picked Memento instead.. It's still a very nice colour for everyday wear, and Cha Cha would be perfect to mix with any shades for a splash of coral! Gorgeous!
  • Ben Nye Creme Rouge Wheel ($20.00) -- Cleared off my wishlist too! I've swatched this blusher wheel at the Ben Nye stall and the consistency was so smooth and silky with a more-than decent pigmentation, so it's totally worth it!
  • Royal & Langnickel Palette Knives ($1.00) -- Not pictured. So cheap! Just thought I might need them one day! :P

IMATS this year was okay. This year, there was no Illamasqua (because they cannot reduce their prices any further after supporting a Fair Beauty Price for Australia) in which I really looked forward to and I didn't see NYX Cosmetics at all (where were they?!).

But on the brighter side, Inglot's service was so quick and their stall was beautifully set up! Kudos to Inglot! Ben Nye's showcase stall was also nice! Ben Nye's assistants were great in offering us demonstrations for their glitter products (which were pretty amazing!). 

Royal & Langnickel were also very generous to treat press/media visitors to manicures and massages upstairs! Thank you so much Royal & Langnickel! 

Overall, it was a very long day for me, but at the same time, it was so fun and exciting to meet and catch up with so many beauty bloggers and Youtubers... in a hall full of make-up stalls! Now.. another year until IMATS again.... *frowns*

Can't wait to see everyone's IMATS haul!!!!!!!!!! (Can you tell how excited I am for the so many exclamation marks?)


  1. Always love your pics Trammie!
    And had an amazing time with you as always X
    Can't wait to see what you create with those lip tars!!!!

  2. Really? The service at Inglot was quick?! I think you were there at really good time then! Most people I know waited for ages and I wanted for ages! Glad you had a good time tho! Wished I bumped into you!

    1. I wasn't there at a good time! I don't think! There was already a long queue! But for some reason, I only stood there to wait for 5 minutes! Maybe because I only ordered a few items! :P Too bad we didn't meet there! It's okay! See you next year or around!

  3. Awesome haul !! We also attended Sydney imats ! Our hauls are up on our blog www.5thavenuemelbourne.blogspot.com.au we also really wanted to go to NYx ! Hopefully next year!! :)

    1. Aw! Thanks for linking! I'll check your post out now!! :)

  4. Really intrigued by the rouge wheel! Good thing you stuck with your wishlist c:


  5. It was so great to see you again too and I'm loving the look of that rouge wheel, why is it now after the event that I'm finding about all this cool stuff that I could have bought from there!

  6. Great haul, would love to see in depth reviews on some of these especially the Ben Nye wheel! Such a shame NYX wasn't there!!!


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