28 October 2012

Throwback: Last year's Halloween Make-Up Attempts

I know I know! I know we don't celebrate Halloween here in Australia (I wish we did *sad) but that doesn't stop me from trying out the wicked and whack make-up looks! Unfortunately I'm extremely busy this year throughout October and it's impossible for me to whip up any Halloween looks, but meanwhile.. check out some stuff I tried last year! :P

I'm a big fan of horror movies (if you didn't know) so as soon as I finished watching 'The Slit Mouthed Woman' also known as 'Carved', I figured that I HAD to try recreating that slit mouth!!

So here's my lousy first time attempt...

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The slit looked quite 'meh' so I will make sure to try again next year although I was really hoping to attempt it again this year... I can't believe I'm giving up on Halloweeeeen make-up because of my stupid assessments! Meep!

I also really liked the Chucky series (a must watch! It's so funny!), so I thought I'd try a dark, gothic make-up look inspired by Tiffany (Chucky's wife from Bride of Chucky!).

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Again, my lousy work... brows are uneven (yikes!) and it wasn't even concealed at all..

All in all, I should've been more organised, but don't you worry! I have ideas for next year's Halloween already! Hehehe!

I also wished Halloween was a bigger thing in Aussie (although I wouldn't really know what I'm celebrating)! All day watching fabulous Halloween make-up tutorials and not being able to wear them out because there's no such celebrations in Aussie.. sucks!


  1. I like the slit mouthed look, very scary and realistic!

  2. wasn't aware that it was an american thing basically, not really rooted here like thanksgiving or 4th of july which is specific. interesting


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