09 February 2012

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream Photos, Swatches & Review

BB Creams (Blemish Balms) are so in right now, so I expect everyone to know what they are! But, for noobies, in a nutshell, a BB cream is (or claim to be) your coverage product with beneficial skin-caring properties such as brightening, hydrating, anti-aging and has higher SPF (usually around 50+).

My first ever BB cream was Missha's PerfectCover BB Cream which didn't really work for my skin type at the time, but since the craze, I've been wanting to give BB creams a try again!

So that explains how I was super excited when Garnier has launched and introduced their 5-in-1 BB Cream.

Comes in a neat plastic squeeze tube packaging which is both sanitary and travel-friendly. A downfall to the packaging is that, there's no shade labels! Why Garnier, why?

As for the product, this 'BB cream' is not right in many beauty bloggers' books as many believe that it's very different to the traditional BB cream, in which I do agree.

I think this product is much more similar to a tinted moisturiser rather than a BB cream.

The product itself has a thicker consistency (which is perfect for me) and provides a [very] sheer coverage with a very dewy finish. I feel like the coverage is way too sheer to actually even out my skin tone, so that's one claim down. It's also not very transfer-resistant and doesn't last for very long.

I find that my skin also feels quite oily and greasy after wearing this on a 9-5 day and mind you, I don't have any problems with feeling oily when wearing other coverage products.

The BB Cream is available in two shades: Light and Medium. For reference, I'm an NC25~30 and I'd match the shades of these two mixed. Medium is too dark and browny for me and Light is a tad lighter than my natural skin tone. On lazy days, I prefer 'Light' though since it's not noticeably lighter than my skin and actually makes my skin look a tad brighter.

This 'BB cream' is much more similar to a tinted moisturiser than a traditional BB cream. It blends well, but provides very sheer coverage.. so sheer that it will do nothing for your skin-tone. Drier skin will probably bring this product to favour as it will look unforgivably dewy on oilier skin types. Available in two shades with five claims which are meh.

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB cream retails for $13.95 at Priceline.

Disclaimer: Product were won as prizes from a giveaway.


  1. I have this bb cream too
    I agree the texture and finish is more like tinted moisturizer but i never enjoy using asian style BB cream so its alrite for me :)

    1. Ahh! ^_^ I know many people find the Asian BB creams to be a total miss! I'm glad you find this one by Garnier an alternative!!


  2. I definitely have to agree with this. I had such high hopes for it when I saw it on the ad (I know, stupid me!) but I was let down so much :( The coverage is pretty much non-existent and even on my dry/combination skin, I look like a disco ball after awhile!

  3. What's the top BB creams that you'd prefer?

    1. When I had really oily skin, I've tried the Missha PerfectCover BB Cream! It didn't work out for me though, so I'm hoping to try it again now that my skin conditions have changed!

      I'm looking forward to trying another Missha one that Tina (ChasingElixir) recommended!! ^_^

  4. I haven't used BB creams in about a year now, but I always get wary of Western branded ones cos I feel like they are basically tinted moisturisers. The Asian ones actually work for me and I feel like they cater for the Asian skin tones a lot better as well. Thanks for the review though!! Always interesting to know how other BB creams fare.

  5. so i first knew about this product on fafinette's video the other day, and i was surprised that garnier had a bb cream! i was going to test it out at the stores, but after reading your review, i think im better off not! haha. it was a very helpful review. I noticed that you've been blogging frequently, i was MIA. For one, i was just busy with work, school, and life in general, and i lost some motivation to blog, however i'm kind of back now. haha. THANKS for remembering me thought, i felt so loved. :D

  6. We certainly need to accept this particular. I had formed this kind of higher expectations for this once i noticed this within the advertisement (I understand, ridiculous me personally! ) however I had been disappointed a lot: ( The actual protection can be quite a lot no as well as in the dry/combination pores and skin, We resemble a circulo golf ball eventually!


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