24 February 2012

Favourite Nail Polishes Photos & Swatches

I've been loving to apply nail polishes lately! I never used to until I realise how ugly nails look without nail polishes!

Today, I thought I'd share with you my most loved colours, most I've included in my 2011 Favourites post and a few that I've recently tried and added to ma fave stash.

Long time favourite 'Limited Edition 2' by Australis (which obviously has been discontinued) is a gorgeous lime green. This shade really is the most unique within lower-end brands here in Aussie. You can skip the formula though, review here.

Then I had an addiction to frosty nail polishes (still do!) after testin' this Collection 2000's polish at the market in Bronze.

You can totally tell why this is a fave polish!! Soooo pretty!

Ulta3's Lolly Pop Lilac is also another pretty pale purple..... with lotsa frost!! It is super cheap and the formula is very decent! One of the best 2 bucks spent in moi life. I love it!

Then after ABBW 2011, I had an opportunity to try ORLY's Sweet Peacock which although applied gloopy and uneven, it is one of the most beautiful frosty polish shade you will ever see! Loses its frost after a day or two though. Despite that, I wore this polish for weeks and couldn't stop starin' at ma nails. I'm not even exaggerating!

All ABBWers knows I'm talking about!

But back to cremes, I was able to score some polishes from B Collection for dirt cheap at the markets. My favourite out of three I've tried is Vancouver. I love this shade for pedicure as it doesn't stand out and is really pretty when you probably don't see anything special... boo-ya! The formula is streaky for the heads up!

Another creme polish which is a fave is Jordana's Chiffon. I'm sure I had this for long now, but never laid an eye on it. Who knows it'd end up being one of my top favourite shades! It's a lovely light grey-toned mocha colour. Applies well, but from what I remember.. it doesn't last very long!

Before all these polishes came to the scene, OPI's You're Such A Kabuki Queen was what I wore all the time during highschool, I must confess that I haven't touched this polish in a long long time and I do apologise! I used to wear crimsons all the time back then but began to opt for reds with pink or coral tones instead. This is a sweet, sweet pinky-red creme polish which is a must have for moi!

To conclude the post, a fifth frosty I've loved is Sinful Colors' Secret Admirer which I must admit... I love because of the sparkles! It's just an almost-black with silver frosts which I already plan to rock out in the upcoming Fall!

Frost, frost, frost, frost. I love frost. The end.

What are your favourite nail polishes?!
Link me or share in the comment below!

Disclaimer: Products are purchased by me, except the ORLY's Sweet Peacock (which was from ABBW 2011 goodie bags).


  1. i love love love love LOVE all the colors, swell pick :)


  2. i love all of them!
    i agree with lollipop lilac, such a gorgeous colour and only $2!!
    omg i wanna do this post too hehe

    1. You should do a post!! :P I'd love to see the faves of a nail art addict!!!! ^_^

  3. Eee I like Secret Admirer and the Bloom one! So perts!

  4. Eep, I want to paint my nails now too! I love the OPI one and the Sinful Colours one. I've been tossing up buying My Private Jet by OPI but the SC one looks really similar! x

    1. I just Googled swatches! OPI's My Private Jet does look similar in some swatches, but in some, it looks a lil holographic!! ^_^ I'll need to check that out for myself!! Thanks for that! ^_^ Gogogog.

  5. Some absolutely amazing colours!! I haven't bought any nail polishes in a while... wait no that's a lie I bought one last week LOL oops. Well okay I haven't gone on a nail polish spree for a while, and this is making me want to go shopping!

    1. Hahahha Sue! ^_^ Nail polishes don't ever count as beauty items for *me*!! So it's an exception!! ^_^

  6. Lime green, Vancouver, Chiffon and the last one are my favourites! I'm surprised how nicely pigmented the Jordana one is considering how cheap it is! Well, I guess it doesn't last long to make up for it. haha


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