05 February 2012

Clean&Clear Morning Burst Breakfast Launch

On Tuesday, I attended a morning event by Clean&Clear for their Morning Burst range with Alice! Waking up in the morning is usually tiring and demotivating for me, but I was so excited that morning that it was just *click* and immediately awake!

I was looking forward to the event as it's my second event as a blogger ever!

And believe me when I say this, my mood was lifted when I stepped into the venue! Everything was just SO into theme. It was so bright and colourful!

A basket of flowers and products were laid out on the table.. gosh! I was honestly in love with the layout and decorations of the place and event.

Introducing two new ranges: Morning Burst Skin Brightening and Morning Burst Shine Control. Each range will consist of a facial cleanser and a exfoliating scrub.

Morning Burst Skin Brightening

Morning Burst Shine Control

Arriving at the venue, Alice and I finally got to meet the sweet Ali and the Clean&Clear team. After finding our way around, we met Jeanice and Katherine. It was my first time meeting them both and they are super adorable and pretty!

Alice, Katherine & Jeanice

Snappin' up some photos!

A few moments later, the Clean&Clear team began their introduction of the upcoming ranges which was very informative and interesting!

All Morning Burst products are designed to suit younger women who struggles to find motivation in the early morning and/or suffering from skin conditions due to lack of sleep. The team explained that the fruity citrus scent in the products will 'invigorate your senses' which will help your skin and senses get ready for the day, hence the name.

The Morning Burst Shine Control and Skin Brightening ranges will be available at Priceline and selected pharmacies soon in March.


  1. these events always looks fun ='D lovely pictures btw!

  2. The venue looks amazing! So bright and summery!
    You girls look great too :)

  3. Oh looks like a cool event you attended. I like how everything matches the products from the lounge chairs to the floral arrangements.

  4. @Elisa Thank you!! :P It was very exciting!

    @Sue Yes! Agree! I felt so happy stepping into the venue *_* Thank you so much! :P

    @Che Yessssss. The layout and decors were so so so pretty and bright! I loved it!!

  5. Nice blogpost! :)
    It's good to meet you both! Had a great time!
    Hehehe nice camera by the way, what series is it? Love how the colours are so vivid! :)

    See ya x

  6. yay, lovely photos ^^ it must be fun there. I have at home now that orange morning energy bottle and it's very good, it's really refresh . but i can't use it in winter , because i have dry skin after it, what is weird because i have oily skin with high tolerance for strong products..
    i also used that green scrub before but i have never seen that yellow collection, that skin brightening, it really looks good and wanna give it a try, hope it will apper soon in our stores :)
    wish you nice day :))

  7. I love the way they decorated the area! You ladies look so gorgeous :D

  8. They set it all up so beautifully! They are the sort of colours I'm thinking of for my wedding, love it. This range seems really nice, I like the wakening aspect, I am a pain to get out of bed in the morning too!

  9. I love clean and clear products!! I am new here and just wanted to tell you that I am having a FREE giveaway on my blog. Please check it out! =)


  10. @Jeanice Thank you!! :P Looking forward to your post!! I use the Canon SX30IS! xx

    @LaPetiteIchigo I used them yet, but I've heard so many people rave about em! Have a wonderful day sweetie! xx

    @Phoebe Me tooooooo!! Thank you so much :P

    @Emma Yes! Exactly what I was thinking when I stepped into the venue. 'Found the colour scheme for my wedding!' Hahaha..

    @Kay Thank you! I'd definitely check it out! xx

  11. I had friends who said they liked this as a moisturizer but it didn't really wake them up much. haha

    I LOVE how the decorated everything, looks so fresh.


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