01 December 2014

Mani-Monday: Perfect festive red!

These limited edition beauties landed on my desk not too long ago, by.. YES! You know who!

These aren't new, but since they're limited edition, I thought I may as well put up their posts ASAP before they slip off the shelves!

We'll start with this beautiful, metallic, festive red, Red Hot Chilli Pepper ($4.95).

The formula of this one (the only of the three that I've tried so far), is... breath-taking! I was so stunned with the first coat I applied, just because it's so ridiculously pigmented, smooth and silky! I could really get away with one coat, but it looked too flat in the image, so I had to chuck on another coat.

This reminds me a lot of Face Of Australia's Flaming Lava that I posted about a few Xmas' ago, but brighter.

Anyways, what do ya think? Pretty? 

I think red, gold, silver and coppers are the ONLY shade I'd wear with a metallic finish. I'd pass on other metallics, especially pinks! I really dislike metallic pinks!

Yeap, I'm a strange, strange person..

Disclaimer: Product was provided for review consideration only. 

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