05 December 2014

Rimmel London Provocalips Lip Colours ❤

I'm sure you've heard much about these, about their out-of-this-world long-lasting formula. OK. That was over-eggxageration, but these Provocalips ($17.95) the most long-wearing lip products I've ever tried!

I've mentioned in my previous swatch post that they did not budge off my arms until I brought in an oily dual-phase make-up remover, but that was just on the arms, right?! Most products tend to do so on the arms, but wearing them on the lips is a different thing.

Well, guess what! These Provocalips lip colours do not budge on the lips either! AND CALL ME CRAZY, BUT I ACTUALLY WENT AHEAD AND TESTED THEIR "16 HOURS WEAR" CLAIM.

Worst day of my life, I hated having to constantly photograph, check-up and having something on my lips for 16 hours!!!

Don't worry about the lighting differences, swatches will be down below! 

6AM: Freshly applied. Sealed it with the gloss. Also over-coloured my lips a tad.

10AM: The "gloss" wore off not too long after, but in this photo, the the lip colour settled between the lines. Didn't feel drying though. I didn't reapply the gloss, for trialling purposes!

1PM: Munched down two packets of instant noodles. Yum! It was somewhat oily, so there's teeny tiny tad of rub-off from the center. Intensity of the shade is still same-same!

4PM: Snacked on a peanut-butter bread roll, downed two smoothies. You can see how it is from the center.

10PM: Alright, 16 hours! The intensity definitely worn off, but the colour is still there! I sneaked in a pie before I took this pic, so that's the result after 3 meals and 2 drinks! Oh, did I mention that I also had a noon-nap and a shower?

Not the most attractive lip photo, desculpa.
Rollover for effect

No bleedings! Hooray!

The weightless formula is impressively non-drying, but [ridiculously] long-lasting. It won't budge unless it meets anything oily, and I'm not kidding. Here's a short snippet of it against Garnier Micellar Water:

It's applies to be extremely pigmented and glossy, but after 1-2 minutes, it dries down to a matte finish. The clear gloss is a must to seal down the stickiness and to have the colour stay in place.

In saying so, one thing that could potentially become a "problem" also lays within the formula. It's like a nail polish. You'll have a fair bit of time to apply and fix, however, once it starts to set, you'd be better off not touching it any more to avoid turning it into a hot mess. Once it sets, it's unmovable. If you need to fix, apply the clear gloss and THEN go over and fix up any bits you needed (don't worry, it won't feel thick).

With this, it means that when your meal is oily, [very] slight retouching is a must. It's not like a lipstick, where you could try to "move" the product around to even-out instead of re-touching. It'll chip from the center.

For the light shades, some layering is necessary, but it's not drying! Don't you worry!


OH! And if you rollover these images, you may be able to see me with a dose of silliness(I'm a poser, yes I know!!).

I'll Call You
Light pink. Extremely bright on my tanner-skin. Needs to be layered for a full opaque coverage.

I'll Call You
A lot of people like this shade! It's a very easy-to-wear pink-berry shade.

Kiss Fatal 
It looks dark, but it's not "vampy". It's just a deeper mauve that pulls a tad berry-toned. Really strange colour and is definitely not one that I'd reach for often. Reminds me a lot of a nail polish I own!

Little Minx
I'm ALL for the brights, and this one is it! The brightest pink for the collection, but it looks so damn nice on the lips and in photos!

Skinny Dip
Oh my god, this true nude seriously just sinks into my skin-tone. It completely erases my lip colour and makes me look like a zombie. I'm not really one for nudes. Love the name though.

Make A Move
I can't say that this is a MLBB colour for me, but I'm pretty sure it is for some. I like it a lot, just because it seems like one to suit all skin-tones. On Mum, who's much tanner than myself, this looks amazing on her. Instantly lights up her face. Don't let the shade on the packaging deceive you!

Kiss Me You Fool
ANOTHER bright one, but red! This fire-engine red is one of my top picks from this collection!

Play With Fire
Another red, but darker and deeper.

My top picks? Little Minx, Make A Move and Kiss Me You Fool. 

I think this range is really worth looking at if you're after something that will last day and night (don't we all though?). These will surely replace my NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams for the clubbing nights! The shades are limited, but hopefully that will change sooooon.

Your picks?

Disclaimer: Products mentioned in this review were provided for review consideration and has not affected my opinions/comments made.


  1. I got my hands on the full range as well, and the staying power is phenomenal! Your 16hr trial is very well documented ;) I haven't worn them for that long but it seriously looks great for the whole day! Make your move is probably my fave shade! Pretty unique IMO.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. Glad to know you also like them! And I agree, MAKE YOUR MOVE is pretty unique! It's such an hard-to-describe shade though.. Haha

  2. Omg, that's awesome! I totally need I'll call you, little minx and make a move!

  3. You look stunning in the reds! Still haven't given these a proper go. Whoops... haha x


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