08 December 2014

Mani-Monday: Bubble Naut

It's been a long time since I've featured Smudged. I've previously featured their Morbid, which is a really lovely shade, but the formula was.. ehhh. Reason why I haven't picked at their other shades in my collection.

I think my sister won Bubble Naut ($6.00) from their Instagram giveaway.

I think the grey-toned blue of this polish is beautiful (reminds me a lot of the sky of a gloomy, rainy day)! It's unique, different from what we have across the mainstream brands, one reason why indie-brands are worth looking in to.

My main concern with Smudged has always been their formula. If they're not gloopy and thick, then the glitter pieces just don't show up like what it looks like in their nail swatches.

Would've look slightly better if I've used a topcoat!

Thankfully, Bubble Naut had a much thinner consistency [however not sheer], and so was much easier to apply. Looks nothing like the swatch photo they provide doe..

Not sure if photo is amped up 200%, or my nail-polish application skills are just shit. I guess the good news to share is that I'm not a professional nail blogger!!! Hahaha. Or else I'd ruin every brand's lacquer! (≧▼≦;)


  1. I like it! I like the color and the rough surface of it. At first I thought it was wet but upon looking at it closely its not. This is one of a kind that I would love to try out.

  2. I like the effects that the diffrent glitters give.
    Renee x

  3. I love the raindrop effect! Glad this nail polish was better than its other sibling.


  4. I get what you mean about the application but it still looks gorgeous! xx


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