12 December 2014

10 [Beauty] Stocking Stuffers UNDER $3!

I've just finished my friends' Christmas gifts a few days ago, and it took me yonks to figure out what to fill the jars with.

Here are a few snaps of what they look like...

Some of the products are from the Models Prefer Lip Pack that I've mentioned in my previous Priceline 40% haul. I've also slipped in the wrong pencil case in this jar.. (*/∇\*)

One of the other jars...

JARS: I've purchased these for $3 each, you can find them at your local Hot Dollar stores, Reject Shops, and other dollar stores [I believe]..

SNOW: Yes! Fake snow! I thrifted them for $1 at the markets, but I think you should be able to find them at your local craft stores, OR you can just simply replace it with cotton balls!

NAMES: Purchase letter-stickers at your local dollar store, and stick em on! Eaasy!

PRODUCTS: Some I have thrifted at the markets (brand new though), some I've spotted from deals and saved em from months ago for this (yes, I'm bothered).

At the end of the day, the hardest for me was to figure of what products to include! They had to be awesome, but at the same time pocket-friendly!

I've figured a few, so I thought I'd put out the list for those whom are broke and struggling with the same issue. Heh.. Thank me later! (flicks hair)

Daiso is a great store to shop at for stocking stuffers. They have soooooooooo many different items, and the good thing about the store is that all items are $2.80.

Their Liquid Eyeliner ($2.80) is highly raved about, so check that out. OR their Detergent Cleansing Lotion for Puff & Sponge ($2.80), a favourite by many.

I', sure you've all heard of Ulta3 nail polishes ($2.00), Australia's top-selling [and cheapest] nail polish brand. Locate their stockists via their Facebook. I'm sure you'll be pleased with their shade range!
( ⋂‿⋂’)

Also, don't forget their Moisturising Lipsticks ($2.95)!

Priceline, I think have their very own cosmetics line to go with their BE skincare range. Beauty Essentials (BE) lipsticks are exactly $3. I've purchased one.. Yet to try out their quality, but either way, it makes a great stocking stuffer! They also have other items for $3.00 too!

I've mentioned this before, but I'll mention it again. Models Prefer READ MY LIPS pack ($20.00) is a great value pack if you have many stockings to fill, or great to even distribute between friends as small gifts. Ten lippies for $20 equates to $2 per shade!

essence is a good brand to scout if you're after cheap stocking fillers. Their French Glam Nail Tattoo Stickers ($2.55) and lip liners ($2.00) are right in the $3 zone!

Slip in a sachet of Nivea Aqua Effect Refreshing Moisturising Mask ($2.99) for them skincare junkies.

Or Formula 10.0.6's mask sachets ($1.99)..

Well, that's all! 
I hope this helps you get through your Christmas shopping! :P


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