24 December 2014

LUSH Catastrophe Cosmetic

*I'm currently in China, but wishing you all a safe and wonderful festive season with your loved ones! 

Catastrophe Cosmetic ($16.95) is my second ever face mask by LUSH. My first face mask was Love Lettuce, which is an amazing face mask too!

I'm not really one to reach out to try differently things. They say "Taurus hates changes" and that's super-duper true with me! I'm the kind of person that prefers no changes so once I like something, there's no need for changes.

This tub was purchased by one of my girlfriends, for our Melbourne trip from a few weeks ago! It contains blueberries, and is supposed to soothe and gentle cleanse.

The mask was kinda hard to apply, because the texture was so hard and thick (◑.◑?). Eh, I'm not sure if that's the best way to describe it, but my tip for applying this would be to add a few droplets of water to help with spreading. It'll dry out to be the same, so don't you worry!

Rinsing this off can be a pain in the butt, or.. it was so for me. Some bits just didn't want to come off and would "dry" on your chin. AH! YOU KNOW... when you get toothpaste stuck, and it'll dry out chalky on the skin? Yeah?

Yeap, it's exactly like that!

I'd have to go over with a cotton pad with water to wipe it off. Worth it though, for the baby soft skin. You can really feel the differences in texture after the mask.

Skin just feels sooooooooo soft and smooth, a fly may just be able to slip off if it landed on ma cheeks. (•‿•)

Have you tried any LUSH masks?
Which is your favourite pick?

Disclaimer: Product was purchased by me. 

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  1. I'm dying to try some lush products !! I love masks too so Ill have to give this a try !


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