03 January 2015

New Of Shelf: Bourjois, ModelCo, Face Of Australia, LUSH, Maybelline

New month, new YEAR, new products!

Yes my cute pumpkins! I'm finally back from Guangzhou, China. For the past fewer days, all I've been doing is eat and sleep. I'm so jet-lagged right now and can't even get sleep until 3-4am every night. Urgh!

However, still trying my best to get back to blogging!

Let's pump it up with a peek to what's new on shelves this month, shall we?

Bourjois Smoky Stories Eyeshadow Palettes ($24.00/6 quads)
Features 3 coordinated shades and a "top coat" (what?). All shades are cream-to-powder, with an integrated primer. The "top coat" acts as a transparent veil to illuminate and subtly lighten the smoky shadow. Ehhh.

Maybelline Color Show Bleached Neons L/E Nail collection ($5.95/4 shades)
Launched last month, but didn't quite catch the news of these! Another limited edition nail polish collection by Maybelline, featuring "pastel shades with a bright kick of neon colour"... huh? *confused*

ModelCo for Tony Bianco Nail Collection ($15.00/6 shades)
Another nail collection that was launched last month -- collaboration between beauty brand ModelCo and fashion brand Tony Bianco!

A bit odd to see Tony Bianco collab with ModelCo for this nail range... ◑.◑

Face Of Australia Paw Paw Ointment ($3.95/3.8g)
Also launched last month! We all know what Paw Paw Ointments are for so I'll skip the deets for this one.. (*/∇\*)

OK. Now, this isn't really *drugstore*, but the price range is around there, so I thought I'd include them! And they are actually launched this month... 

Lots of goodies by LUSH.. ヽ(゚∇゚)ノ

African Paradise Body Conditioner ($37.50/245g) -- A self-preserving in-shower body conditioner.
D'Fluff Shaving Cream ($9.95/100g or $18.50/250g) -- Gentle shaving cream that leaves the skin silky smooth. Love the name!!
Zest Hair Gelly ($18.95) -- Self-preserving hair jelly that gives hair great hold without the greasy feeling.
 Granny Takes a Dip Bath Bomb ($6.75) -- A multi-coloured bath bomb with a spicy citrus scent.

Parsley Porridge Soap ($6.96/100g) -- An antibacterial soap suitable for the body and face. Eliminates bacteria, and deeply cleanses the skin. Addition of aloe gel cools and also revives the skin. Ideal for oily, acne-prone skin.
Mangnificent Soap ($6.95/100g) -- Contains a blend of dried and fresh mango, it's described to cleanse the skin and "awaken the mind and body".
Movis Facial Soap ($11.95) -- A soap formulated to rejuvenate the skin and reduce scarring (interesting!).

That's all for this month! Such a short post, but I'd rather it than a longer post! I'm sure no one wants to start 2015 with an empty pocket! :P

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I'd pass on all products, besides that Movis Facial Soap. Looks interesting! I've been paying more attention to my acne scars lately... Would love to fade them down a bit..


  1. Saw some of your Guangzhou pics on Instagram looks amazing fun! Yeh I hate the jetlag, takes forever to get over it. Hope you return back to normal sleeping patterns soon!

  2. The Bourjois palette pictured looks pretty - but quite steep at $24. I guess I'll wait to swatch them in person to determine the texture/pigmentation and whether they'll be worth picking up when a sale rolls around.

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  4. Luckily for my wallet, there's nothing that really jumps out at me... except for the ModelCo nail polishes. The Bourjois shadow palette looks beautiful, but the price isn't really that great :(

    1. Yeap... Borujois' products have always been priced like so! :( meep.


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