31 January 2015

Sat-Swatches: 50 Shades Of Grey

WHO is going to watch 50 Shades Of Grey? 

Not me.. But if you ask WHO has 50 Shades Of Grey, then the answer is... 


Yeah, 50 Shades Of Grey nail polishes. And I don't mean I own 50 different shades of grey nail polishes, but the latest collection by OPI that goes hand in hand with the coming-soon movie!

Does anyone else think Ana's shoulder look weird here??

It features 6 shades ($19.95), and also comes in a mini-collection ($29.95) as per usual [OPI collection].

I was provided 3 to try, because I just can't afford them! (⌒_⌒;) However, out of the six, the one that intrigues me most is My Silk Tie. I've seen swatches of it, and it looks amazingly foily! Such a beaut!

Anyways, the ones I have to show are...

Embrace The Gray, Romantically Involved, Dark Side Of The Mood

A medium-toned grey. The pigmentation isn't bad at all! Two coats would do me fine, but for the fullest opacity, I went with three. The shade is not really for me though. I like, and don't mind greys, but this is just a tad too dark~ :P

I haven't worn red nails in SUCH a long time, that I forgot how much they compliment my skintone. This one is a medium creme red, giving off sexy and sultry vibes. Maybe also blame the name for those vibes, haha.

Ooooooh~ A charcoal-grey creme, with slight blue tones. Surprisingly, this was less opaque than Embrace The Gray. You'd think it'll be much more pigmented and that two coats would hit the spot for it is a darker colour, but nay. I needed three coats for the opacity!

That's it~ My top pick out of the three would have to be Romantically Involved. There's just something about it!

What's YOUR pick?

Sorry for the bombard of nail posts lately!! I had to get this up before tomorrow's launches~

Tomorrow's launches will be extremely long, and exciting! Thirty products and counting, so please stay tuna'd!

Disclaimer: Products mentioned in this post were provided for review consideration only. 


  1. Super excited since I've recently just got back into nail polishes! I think Embrace the Gray looks quite dull but Romantically Involved looks amazing! I might actually grab Romantically Involved since it's impossible to have enough red polishes!
    Say Yip

    1. Hahahah! Welcome back to the world of lacquers~ Yes! Definitely worth the grab, that one!

  2. Hahaha I love how you started off this post. I haven't even read the book and the movie is gonna come soon >_> Anywho, nail polish is easier to get lol. I personally don't mind the grays and I think they look good on you! I like Romantically Involved too but I'm slightly intimidated with reds right now because of how they stain my nails even after putting on a base coat. *sigh*

  3. Romantically Involved is such a beautiful shade! Looks amazing on your skin tone x

  4. I was sent a few of these too (including Romantically Involved and My Silk tie)! I haven't tried any of them yet heh :P But I'm quite curious to! A lot of my friends (me included) found it hilarious that they made a nail polish collection for the movie haha

    Tasha // shiwashiful.


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