19 January 2015

Mani-Monday: Little Miss Sunshine ☀

When we're talkin about cheap nail polishes, essence is definitely up there with the many others. Their nail polishes are only $3.25 a pop -- as cheap as chips!

I think I own less than 5 essence polishes for the moment, which is a good amount since they do have an extensive range of shades.

Little Miss Sunshine has always been an awkward one.

Part of me thought, "I don't think I'd ever go with this mustard yellow... ever!", but after wearing it, I also thought, "It's actually quite nice...".

It is a mustard-y yellow. I don't think it looks too appealing since the colour is a tad dull and, is just not as..... appealing as the brighter yellows! It's a lot like a vintage-yellow.

However, in saying so, I think it is one worthy to have in the collection. I usually prefer the pale/bright yellows, but a mustard-like yellow [like this] will come handy sometime.

Would look much cuter if I threw some polkadots over.. (≧▼≦;)

On another note.. I'm getting a dental implant today! Ah! An implant! For years, I thought my first procedure (labelled as an "implant") will be a breast implant, haha. A dental implant... Yikes.

If I make it back in time, I'll make sure to show you swollen-snap!

How many essence nail polishes do YOU own?

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  1. I find it so difficult to find a yellow that would suit my skintone! So I only have a couple for nail art purposes.
    All the best with the dental procedure! Hopefully you won't be too swollen or in pain.
    xx Kat @ Katness


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