07 December 2014

Recent Empties ♡

Reporting back with my latest empties, haven't done this in a while!

These empties are from.. um, too long ago to remember.. They've been cluttering in my room for yonks, and only until last week that I felt bothered enough to take snaps and record a vlog for them.. (¬▂¬)

Maybelline Total Clean Express Eye & Lip Make-Up Remover (discontinued)
Finished! Love these dual-phase make-up removers, with the prices I've purchased them for.. Still have a few more, and I can only hope that they newer removers that replaced these are repackaged versions.

Sukin Cream Cleanser ($9.95)
I loved their foaming cleanser, but this one just didn't do it for me in terms of removing ma make-up and the "grime". Ironically, I used this at the END of my routine (wth, right?) to tone [by putting moisture into my skin] for its creamy formula!

❸ Palmer's Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes* ($7.49)
Worked well, but would've worked better if I hadn't let most of em' dried out! The price though...

LUSH Love Lettuce Face Mask 
OMGAH, I LOVE this mask. This was my second tub and I love love love it so much! It's grainy, so as you wash it off, it also exfoliates.. leaving the skin feeling incredibly smooth. It's probably more suited towards oily skin-types, but I love it anyways. Sometimes it's a tad drying, but nothin' a tad of moisturiser can't fix!

LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub* -- chuck out
Throwing this out.. I kinda grew out of the idea of [using] these lip scrubs. Hmph. It's not a bad product, it's just not a necessity anymore.

NYX Round Lipstick in Tea Rose ($8.95)
Throwing this out too. Absolutely hate the formula. Urgh. Probably the cheapest "highly-raved" lippies back in the day, but the formula is.. urgh. Definitely a "miss" for me.

Australis Curved Ink Eyeliner* -- chuck out
LOVE the idea of this, and it definitely worked for me after a few times practising. The formula is really disappointing for me though. Although it was dark and easy to use, the formula is smudgy and not crease-proof as claimed.

❽ U Little Beauty Dreamtime Enriching Night Cream* ($24.95) -- chuck out
Not a fan of this moisturiser. Used it halfway, but I can't stand it anymore. It takes years to blend, before it settles and seeps into the skin. Not the best in terms of being moisturising, and it's a night cream.. I'd pass. I was really fond of this brand's Happy Clappers hand cream though!

❾ Bioglo Rose Essence Sleeping Mask
I really like this! Reminds me a lot of the Laniege Sleeping Pack samples that I used to use, except that the consistency is a tad thicker. Very hydrating like that though, would repurchase if the store that sold this (eCosway) didn't have their stupid and impractical "MEMBERS-ONLY" system. Urgh.

❿ The Face Shop Chia Seed Sebum Control Moisture Cream 
Really lovely gel-product, almost like serum in a jar! It's weightless, hydrates, and instantly smooths your skin. Slightly like a primer, but I won't be OTT and claim that it'll smooth your skin that much. I'm not sure of it's price, but I think it's fairly expensive. It was $50 in Vietnam, so... eep. Bye-bye to the best serum/moisturiser I've ever used!

That's 6 empties along with 4 products I'm chucking out. Eeehm.. Call it an "empties" anyways!

What's the latest product you've finished?
Drop me a comment!

Brb. Repurchasing LUSH's Love Lettuce mask and price-checking that awesome TFS Chia Seed cream!

Disclaimer: Products marked with * were provided for review consideration (from yonks ago). 


  1. I just did an empties post over on my blog. I had so many products that were on their last leg in bathroom that just needed to be finished! Also, I love your blog, especially the post about what new products are coming to Australia! x


  2. Ohh it is too bad that Maybelline's Total Clean Express Eye and Lip Make-Up Remover has been discontinued! ^ ^

  3. WHAT? They're released a new Maybelline makeup remover? Dang, I really liked the old one too, hope the new one is good. I agree about the NYX round lipsticks. The formula is like bizarrely creamy, and so creamy it just slips on the lips and idek how to describe it but it's not the best for sure.

    Sheri | Behind The Frames


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