26 August 2012

What's Been Happening #4

Waaa! I apologise for the lack of posts for the past week! I haven't been motivated for blogging.. not feeling inspired! Not that there's anything wrong with me, I think I've been into cooking lately! I'm still learning, but happy to say that so far, I know how to prepare and cook beef lasagne and cheese, tomato and spam tarts!

Oh yummy!

Current nails: I'm currently trialling some Face Of Australia nail polishes, from their Molten Metallic collection! The shade I have on now is 'Bronze'.

Hot reads: I've only discovered Tablespoon.com last night, but their quick recipes do look amazingly tasty and fun to make! I can't wait to try these little cute corndog pops!

Most recent favourite product: I've rediscovered a little coconut-scented body lotion sample by Pure Fiji. Not sure how I could possibly forget how amazing it smells! Yummy vanilla scent reminds me of cupcakes!

New products: Real Technique brushes -- they are okay so far, haven't discovered anything amazing about them yet.

Most excited for: TAFE to be over! I'm STILL in holiday mode (and that was 7 weeks ago!...

Wanting to try: Nothing (thank Buddha, I finally get to save).

As always: Doing manicures for Mumma!

New in the mail: Played the match it game on Rimmel London's Facebook and won a nail polish in Hot Shot! Love little surprises!

Yeap! That's it! I can't wait to show you my market haul! I keep forgetting!!! :(

Silly ol' Tram!

Let me know what's been happening for YOU! 
Current nails:
New in the mail:
Wanting to try:
Recent song on replay:

 Looking forward to see your comments! Just copy, paste and fill in the blanks!


  1. Oooh is that cherry fashion from rimmel London?? I just picked that up and can not wait to try it on!!

    1. Aw nope! It's called Hot Shot! :) I've just googled swatches for Cherry Fashion! Looks amazing!

  2. I love the real techniques brushes :D Your nail polish color is so nice!

    1. Aw!! That's good to hear! I haven't found anything amazing with them yet! Thank you! ^_^


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