02 August 2012

Colour Me In: 4 Ravishing Red Lipsticks

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So lately, I've been sporting red lipsticks [again, since last September or so]. I was once very, very scared of red lipsticks, simply because it's just SO bold [in my opinion] for any occasion (and not to mention, I don't really like the shape of my lips to put emphasis on it). 

But it's phasing in on me lately again, so I just wanted to show you some red lipsticks in my collection.

Not very much since like I said.. I never really loved red lipsticks and how many red lipsticks can an average girl [like me] own?!


My latest red lipstick is a cute, small sample size of Shiseido's Perfect Rouge in RD514. It's the darkest red lipstick out of the four I own, so I'm not sure if I'd ever be wearing it since lighter reds already stands out so much on my skin! But I love how it feels on the lips! It's very pigmented, lightweight, glossy and glides on the lips well without the slips! Love!

A Max Factor steal from the markets, yonks ago.. 715 Ruby Tuesday. It's been in my collection for a while now, but I haven't really looked into it. I did wear it sometime last week at a dress up party and I noticed a really strong scent which reminds me of my Mum's old lipsticks and a tad of something fruity. It's also very pigmented, glides on well and is moisturising and long-lasting. Nothing I don't like, except for the scent.

Sportsgirl Pout About It in Fashionista (renamed to Bombshell, I believe) has always been considered an essential for me. It's the only matte red in my collection of reds which is great to use as a tint and stain! I don't wear it as a lipstick as it's also too dark in tone for my preference. It glides on okay and is less moisturising, but definitely is long-lasting and will leave a stain on the lips. For more swatches and a more detailed review from the Pout About It range, click here.

Finally, the glossiest and brightest of the four is Australis' Moisture Intense in Saigon (my hometown!). It's VERY bright on my lips, but I love it! I think it is just amazing, though it's a shame that they are now discontinued.. This lipstick has a unique fruity smell. It's ultra moisturising and glides on well which reminds me very much of the Revlon Lip Butters, but glossier and has more slip [in comparison to the ones I've used]. If you can still find any at your local Priceline clearance, grab em! For more swatches, click here.

Here are swatches of the four together!

That's all for me! 

How many red lipsticks do YOU have in your collection?

Let me know!

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  1. Replies
    1. Says the Queen of bright lippies! :P Thank you hhehe! x

  2. Wah, you look absolutely
    stunning with red! You
    are totally made for it c:


  3. Ahhh I find it hard to pull off a true red so I always go for pinks and fuschias! You look gorgeous!

    1. Omg pinks! WA Sue I wanna see you with fuschias! Must be a lil gorgz!

  4. they all look so similar, but you make them look stunning!


  5. Is it just me or look all these 4 like... exactly the same on your arm and on your lips? I really like this color on you though, nothing to be afraid of! I personally love red lips + blonde hair most. I almost always pick berry-colored lipsticks :) Have a cherry red one too though!

    1. They are very similar! But at a close look, Max Factor Ruby Tuesday is actually more warm-toned than the others!

      Blonde hair and red lips sounds AMAZING!

  6. I'm still scared of reds... Nonetheless, I really like that Shiseido one on you! xx

  7. you look really cute in red!!! im currently obsessed with my benefit red with a rimmel lip liner underneath. i just kind of dab it on but it makes the best colour :D


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